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SBAM 3rd ‘Most Effective’ Association in the State

June 4, 2019

In the latest Michigan Insider’s Survey, the Small Business Association of Michigan came out as the 3rd “most effective” association in the state.

The Michigan Insider’s Survey is a poll done bi-annually that surveys lobbyists, lawmakers, legislative staff, department directors and others who are regular participants in Michigan’s legislative process. The April 23-May 11 survey had 520 respondents with a 3.6% margin of error.

“Michigan’s small business owners are the most innovative and dynamic players in our economy. It is an honor to carry their voice in public policy development,” says SBAM President Brian Calley, who was ranked fourth most effective individual lobbyist.

The survey marks the seventh time the Michigan Chamber of Commerce has netted the honor of calling itself “Most Effective” according to insiders. A total of 23% chose the Michigan Chamber when asked, “Thinking about Lansing’s membership organizations or associations, which one membership group do you think does the most effective lobbying job?”

“Outstanding volunteer leaders, plus an experienced team of Chamber professionals and our unwavering commitment to be member-driven and policy-focused is critical to delivering powerful advocacy for State Chamber members,” said Chamber President and CEO Rich Studley.

Coming in at second was the Michigan Health and Hospital Association, which netted 8%. The Auto Dealers of Michigan, the Michigan Municipal League (MML) and the Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM) all netted out 6% of the vote for a three-way tie for third place.

The Michigan Association of Health Plans and Michigan Association of Realtors each had 4%. The Beer and Wine Wholesalers and the Michigan Education Association (MEA) had 3%. The Telecommunications Association of Michigan (TAM) had 2%.

The Michigan Chamber has been ranked “most effective” in the EPIC-MRA MIRS Insider Survey since the survey first began in 2005.

While the Chamber can take organizational honors, the best lobbyist for an association was Auto Dealers’ Kurt Berryman who netted 10% of the vote.

In third position were both Chris Mitchell, of the Michigan Health and Hospital Association, and Peter Spadafore, with the Michigan Association of Superintendents and Administrators who both netted 3%.

Those with 2% include Alan Bolter of the Michigan Association of Community Health Boards, SBAM President Brian Calley, MML Director of State and Federal Affairs Chris Hackbart, Dan Papineau with the Michigan Chamber, Chamber Senior Vice President Jim Holcomb, Matt Kurta of Karoub and Michigan Farm Bureau Government Relations Manager Matt Smego.

Reached for comment, Berryman, who also was named most effective single-issue lobbyist offered up: “I am a lawyer, a lobbyist and represent car dealers. I’m sure my mom is proud.” He then promptly asked MIRS if “any swag or booze come with this award.”

To which he was told, no.

Berryman had 8% on the single-issue lobbying organization question. Coming in second was Christopher Iannuzzi of CMS Energy with 4%. Tricia Kinley of the Insurance Alliance of Michigan had 3%. Those with 2% include Bolter, Mitchell, Block, Kurta, Amanda West of Planned Parenthood, David Randels of Oakland Schools, Ed Noyola of the County Road Association of Michigan, Lance Bioniemi of the Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association, Paul Liabenow of the Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association, Mark Cook of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Tom Hickson of the Michigan Catholic Conference and Genevieve Marnon of Right to Life of Michigan.

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