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SBAM applauds passage of monumental Freedom to Work legislation

December 13, 2012

Gov. Snyder and the Legislature have again helped make Michigan more competitive for jobs by approving legislation that allows workers the freedom to decide whether or not to join a union.

“We believe that the new freedom to work laws will restore fairness and equality in the workplace, empower workers to demand attentive representation by their union leaders and spur business investment and job growth in Michigan,” says Rob Fowler, president and CEO of SBAM. “Going forward, unions can have an important role to play in helping Michigan thrive in the 21st century if they use freedom to work to be responsive to the needs of their members and become true partners with the business community.”

Michigan is the 24th state to pass freedom to choose legislation.  Indiana became the 23rd state this past August.  Since that time, more than 70 businesses have told Indiana officials that the workplace fairness law will be a factor when deciding where to invest.

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