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SBAM calls on Michigan’s Congressional Delegation to support federal debt ceiling compromise

May 31, 2023

As Congress prepares to vote on a compromise to suspend the debt ceiling, Small Business Association of Michigan President & CEO Brian Calley issued the following statement:

“Michigan’s small businesses have faced years of challenges and uncertainties with labor shortages, high inflation and supply chain disruptions. Most recently, the banking system has faced a liquidity crisis that threatened to limit access to capital.

“The agreement negotiated by the White House and Congressional Leadership achieves several important small business priorities, including increasing work requirements on certain social services at a time when Michigan’s labor force participation is one of the lowest in the nation. It also speeds permitting of energy projects while we have faced years of high energy prices and it taps the brakes on aggressive plans to expand the IRS.

“Political leaders should support the compromise to avoid the turmoil and uncertainty that will be caused by a US default. The last thing small businesses need is more uncertainty and economic upheaval caused by Washington dysfunction.”

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