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SBAM: Clean Slate law creates opportunity for Michiganders, small businesses

April 11, 2023

After Michigan’s Clean Slate law went into effect on April 11, Small Business Association of Michigan President & CEO Brian Calley issued the following statement:

“Michigan’s Clean Slate law is a game-changer for Michigan and a fresh start for more than a million residents. The new law, which SBAM proudly supported, will give past offenders a chance to start over, without their past criminal record standing in the way. Clean Slate opens up life-changing housing and employment opportunities for residents who have turned around their lives.

“As small businesses continue to experience significant workplace shortages, this law opens up a new pool of potential employees that are ready to work and make a difference in their communities, without their pasts hanging over their heads. This change is another important piece of the puzzle to maximize Michigan’s workforce opportunities.”

The Clean Slate law automatically expunges some nonviolent criminal records after 7 to 10 years. Before this law, expungement was available but was complicated and expensive. There are 2.8 Michiganders with criminal records, this new law applies to about one million of them. Learn more at

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