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SBAM Endorses Rick Snyder

August 18, 2010

Rick Snyder

The Small Business Association of Michigan has endorsed Rick Snyder for Governor.

“Michigan small business owners believe that Rick Snyder’s experience as a leader in innovation and job creation gives him unique and valuable insight into what it will take to help Michigan excel in entrepreneur-centered economic development,” said Rob Fowler, President and CEO of the Small Business Association of Michigan. “Michigan needs jobs, and jobs overwhelmingly come from economic gardening: the nurturing of successful, home-grown entrepreneurs. Rick Snyder is far and away the best choice for entrepreneurs, small business owners and anyone who works for a small business.”

Fowler said the organization decided to endorse Snyder because its members were impressed by his carefully-thought-out plans to eliminate the Michigan Business Tax, make government more efficient and reform Michigan’s overly-burdensome regulatory structure. Fowler also cited Snyder’s role in turning Ann Arbor SPARK into one of the most successful economic development programs in the country.

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