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SBAM Immediate Past Chair speaks out in support of Healthy Michigan plan

July 19, 2013

Article courtesy of Gov. Snyder’s Office

For small-business owner David Rhoa, his support for the Healthy Michigan plan all comes down to simple economics.

“I’m as conservative as they come. You’re talking about a guy who invited Ronald Reagan to his high school graduation,” Rhoa said. “Believe me when I tell you this is economic; it’s not political.”
Those economics boil down to some very simple facts about health care in Michigan. Today, uninsured Michiganders turn to emergency rooms for their medical care, and that uncompensated care costs hospitals $820 million per year. In turn, those expenses are passed on in the form of higher premiums for individuals who already have insurance and to businesses that provide insurance. That’s why small-business owners like Rhoa support the plan.
There’s a better way to do it.

Under the Healthy Michigan plan, health insurance coverage will be expanded to half a million working, low-income Michiganders. With that coverage, they can get the preventive care they need, saving money for all of us.

The Michigan House has already passed Healthy Michigan, a majority of Michiganders support it, the plan has been endorsed by The Detroit News, The Detroit Free Press, Crains Detroit Business, The Lansing State Journal, the Small Business Association of Michigan, AARP, and a long list of other organizations. Now, the plan is awaiting action from the Senate.

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