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SBAM looking for PPE resources

April 21, 2020

Does your company manufacture or distribute Personal Protective Equipment?  If so, SBAM is looking for resources for our members. 

If your business can help SBAM members source Personal Protective Equipment we would like to know.  While we understand that your supply chain could be in a bit of upheaval today, hopefully that stabilizes between now and the time we can get our economy back open.  We see sourcing and placing orders for PPE as a new horizon for most of the small businesses that we represent.  We also know that there will undoubtedly be scam artists out there looking to take advantage of this opportunity.  SBAM will work to cut through as much of that as possible and find reliable sources for our members.  To help guide this process, SBAM uses a questionnaire to determine the “who, what, when and where” of any business looking to offer a product or service to our members.  This helps us determine the benefit of SBAM involvement to our members. 

Download the Questionnaire – Please note that we are currently considering resources from SBAM Premium and VIP members.

Please take a look and if you determine that the opportunity is right, complete and return the questionnaire as soon as possible.

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