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SBAM member Marketing Associates hires 20 people in downtown Detroit

May 9, 2012

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Marketing Associates, an SBAM member since May 2011, made a splash five years ago, moving to downtown Detroit from West Bloomfield. Today its continuing to make headlines by adding even more jobs to its space at One Kennedy Square.

The marketing firm has hired two people in the last year, including five so far in 2012. That brings its employee count to 210 people and four interns, up from the 140 people who moved down with the company.

“In the last year things have really picked up,” says Mark Petroff, president & CEO of Marketing Associates. “We will probably be close to 230 before the year is out.”

Marketing Associates has watched a lot of its growth come from new avenues in recent years, including in the analytics and tech sectors. The company has been focusing on integrating new avenues in marketing through analytics and mobile technology with traditional marketing strategies and brand management.

Marketing Associates has also watched its business grow internationally. The company is taking a “one-world” approach to its business as it expands in both Asia and Europe. Marketing Associates is also looking at opening a Europe office later this year. The company also has three years left on its lease in downtown Detroit, and is starting to weigh its options on its future home.

“Three years from now we will be making a decision on whether we stay in Detroit,” Petroff says.

Source: Mark Petroff, president & CEO of Marketing Associates
Writer: Jon Zemke
Article courtesy of Model D

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