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SBAM Members and Staff in D.C. Next Week

February 20, 2010

As Congress and the White House prepare for President Obama’s bipartisan health care reform summit next Thursday, SBAM will be on the ground in Washington meeting with members of the Michigan delegation.

The election of Republican Senator Scott Brown last month left the future of the current health care bills in limbo.  Brown’s election means that the Democrats no longer have the ability to defeat a filibuster.  Likewise, voter disapproval of the plan has led the Obama administration and legislative leaders to reconsider their strategy.

Earlier this month, President Obama announced the formation of a health care reform summit to be held on February 25th.

Michigan Congressman Dave Camp has been named as a participant in the summit.  SBAM staff has scheduled meetings with Rep. Camp’s office and other members of the Michigan Congressional delegation to re-iterate the views of SBAM and Michigan’s small businesses as it relates to health care reform and the escalating costs of providing healthcare.

We’ll keep you posted.

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