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SBAM PEP Year-End Planning Information

As a plan sponsor of the SBAM Pooled Employer Retirement Plan, we want to make sure that our partners help guide you through the year-end data collection process.

Below is the recording from our Zoom meeting on December 5th with our partners at TAG, Transamerica and Graystone/Morgan Stanley in which we reviewed the following:

  • Preparation for key communications that you will receive related to your 401(k) plan
  • Established expectations for the timing of plan testing and profit sharing (if applicable)
  • Provided a market and investment plan menu update
  • Reminders of key deadlines for year-end data collection

TAG Anticipated Year-End Communications Schedule

The week of 12/11/23 – 2024 Fee Schedules sent for signature

*Note: the fees have not changed and this is an annual certification.

  • 12/22/2023 – Email to plan sponsors requesting electronic signatures
  • 1/2/2024 – Email request to sponsors for census and payroll certification.

*Note: Additional deadlines may be provided in this email.

  • Deadline to turn in compliance material (non-safe harbor) – 2/1/2024
  • Deadline to turn in compliance material (Safe Harbor plans) – 3/1/2024

TAG has not released their profit-sharing communications schedule. If you have a profit-sharing plan and would like to make a contribution, please reach out to your Participant Education Financial Advisor or Jeff Rogers at and he will assist with the next steps.

SBAM PEP Year End Planning Meeting Recording

Our experts are here to help you!

Contact Zac Howes or Laura Nutzell with TAG for more information.  Please copy Account Manager Support at on all communications.