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SBAM praises focus on skills training

January 21, 2015

The Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM) supports Gov. Snyder’s Jan. 20 state-of-the-state address emphasis on prioritizing enhanced technical skills training in the state. “The governor’s recommendation represents the first step in a much-needed cultural shift toward re-emphasizing skilled trades and vocational training,” said SBAM Chair Bonnie Alfonso, owner of Alfie – Logo Gear for Work & Play in Traverse City. “Michigan has thousands of stable, good-paying skilled trades employment opportunities in the small business sector that are going unfilled because small businesses can’t find trained workers. We welcome efforts to recognize and honor the importance of jobs that require training but not necessarily a four-year degree.”

SBAM’s recent Barometer survey found that a third of small employers plan to hire more workers in 2015. “However, we continue to hear from our members that they are having difficulty getting access to qualified employees,” says SBAM President and CEO Rob Fowler. “This is a problem that has recurred in tandem with upswings in the economy. Employers would benefit from educational institutions better anticipating the needs of small businesses during periods of economic growth, and we look forward to contributing to efforts that would improve that process.” 

Fowler said SBAM also supports the governor’s efforts to streamline state government for greater accountability and efficiency.

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