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SBAM Praises Senate Cuts in State Budget

June 27, 2009

SBAM today applauded Senate action that cuts $1.2 billion from Michigan’s proposed 2009-2010 state government budget. “Small business owners across this state have been forced to make difficult cuts within their business operations and it is about time that our state government does the same,” says Rob Fowler, president and CEO of SBAM.

Michigan faces a $1.7 billion budget deficit for the 2009-2010 fiscal year. Compared to the Senate’s $1.2 billion in cuts, Democrats in the state House have proposed $525 million in cuts with more of the budget deficit to be made up with federal stimulus money.

Fowler praised Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop (R-Rochester) and his Republican caucus for the difficult budget decisions they made this past week. “These are not easy decisions, but the reality of our current economic position demands that our leaders come up with budgets that are reflective of the actual revenues that are currently available,” says Fowler. “It is going to take bold leadership if we are going to find success in our economic recovery, and this week that leadership was demonstrated in the state Senate. We encourage all of our lawmakers to follow their lead all the way through the target setting and final budgetary process.”

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