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HR & Leadership Roundtable Discussions

Connect with your peers to learn and share valuable information.

SBAM members now have access to exclusive virtual roundtable discussions facilitated by our partner, ASE. Join our HR Roundtable, a collaborative space where HR experts converge to share insights and navigate the complexities of workforce management. Engage in open dialogues on the daily challenges that HR professionals face. Additionally, seize the opportunity to participate in the Leadership Development Roundtable, a dynamic group dedicated to exploring innovative approaches in cultivating effective leaders.

Six meetings will be scheduled for each roundtable every eight weeks, providing you with a unique platform to foster connection, collaboration and ongoing learning amount participants. Shape the future of HR and leadership within your professional sphere and beyond!

See below for each roundtable meeting schedule and to register!

HR Roundtable

The HR Roundtable is a collaborative forum where HR professionals gather to share insights, best practices, and challenges related to managing an organization’s workforce. In this interactive setting, participants engage in open dialogue, exchanging ideas on talent acquisition, compliance, performance management, and other HR-related topics. The roundtable format encourages networking and the exchange of diverse perspectives, fostering a dynamic environment for learning and innovation in the ever-evolving field of human resources.

Six meetings are scheduled every eight weeks and will be held from 9 am until 10 am.

HR Roundtable Meeting Schedule:

Wednesday, June 5th
Tuesday, July 30th
Wednesday, September 25th
Tuesday, November 19th
Wednesday, January 15th
Tuesday, March 11th

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Leadership & Development Roundtable

The Leadership Development Roundtable is a dynamic and collaborative group dedicated to exploring innovative approaches and best practices in cultivating effective leaders. This forum serves as a nexus for sharing insights and strategies on nurturing leadership qualities. From identifying emerging talents and methods of coaching, to fostering a culture that nurtures continuous growth, this roundtable creates a supportive environment where participants collectively contribute to shaping the future of leadership within their organizations and beyond.

Six meetings are scheduled every eight weeks and will be held from 9 am until 10 am.

Leadership & Development Roundtable Meeting Schedule:

Tuesday, June 18th
Wednesday, August 14th
Tuesday, October 8th
Wednesday, December 4th
Tuesday, January 28th
Wednesday, March 26th