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SBAM salutes GOP Senators for passage of historic business tax reform plan

May 13, 2011

Rob Fowler
The Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM) thanked Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville and members of the State Senate who voted today for Michigan business tax reform.
“We deeply appreciate Senate Majority Leader Richardville’s stalwart leadership in ensuring passage of this historic tax reform,” says Rob Fowler, president and CEO of SBAM. “This is literally a once-in-a-generation step forward toward creating a business climate that encourages business owners to grow their companies, create jobs and revitalize their communities. We are proud of the State Senators who withstood a withering barrage of attacks by opponents and had the courage to vote for a measure that moves Michigan much closer to a prosperous future.”
No Senate Democrats voted for the bill. “My observation is that it’s curious that for all the talk from our friends on the Democratic side of the House and Senate about supporting small business, not a single Democratic lawmaker voted for this tax reform – an issue that we think is the single most important small business issue to come before the legislature in a generation. At the end of the day we, not them, get to determine what issues are important to small business.”
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