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SBAM Statement on Attorney General Nessel’s Tax Opinion 

March 29, 2023

Small Business Association of Michigan President & CEO Brian Calley released the following statement after Michigan Attorney General Nessel issued an opinion on the potential income tax rate reduction based on revenue growth:

“It is disappointing the politics that state government will play to raise taxes on individuals and small businesses. No one ever suggested that the income tax rate decrease due to taxpayers this year was temporary until the decrease was actually triggered.

“Those who drafted the 2015 tax cut provision agree, as does the legislative analysis from the original passage of the legislation, that reductions in the income tax rate are permanent. As recently as January 2023, the non-partisan fiscal agencies of both the House and the Senate, along with the Department of Treasury, published consensus revenue estimates that clearly indicated that the tax cut continued in future years. It was not until partisan politicians got involved that attempts were made to undermine this important tax relief.

“The Governor and Treasury should ignore this partisan opinion.”

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