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SBAM Statement on Governor Whitmer’s Comments on Reopening the Michigan Economy

April 14, 2020

Today Governor Whitmer acknowledged that our state faces both a healthcare and an economic crisis, each requiring a robust response. This is a welcome signal to small business owners on the verge of or beyond collapse.

The governor’s comments indicated that she was working (as in present tense) to develop a plan to safely reopen the economy. And she asked business owners to start thinking toward the extra measures they would need to take to keep their employees and customers safe. While this is no surprise to many of us engaged in that process, it was very important, helpful, and reassuring to hear it directly from her. 

The governor mentioned four primary measures that will guide the decisions regarding how, when and where to reopen:

  1. Infection rates 

  2. Ability to test and trace the virus

  3. Healthcare system capacity 

  4. Development of best practices in the workplace

This helps small businesses to track relevant progress and even participate in preparations. We look forward to addressing the urgent needs of the people of this state, together. 

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