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SBAM’s policy on upcoming ballot proposals

September 20, 2012

A number of critical questions will be put to the voters on this November’s ballot. The Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM) has been carefully evaluating these issues relative to how they will impact small businesses across the state. The SBAM Board of Directors has determined that three of the current ballot proposals would have detrimental impact on small business in Michigan if passed. They are as follows:

Proposal 2, or the “Collective Bargaining” proposal, would effectively roll back many of the pro-small business reforms that have taken place in Michigan over the past two years. Passage of this proposal would hamper future efforts to reform state government and save taxpayer dollars.

Proposal 3, otherwise known as 25 by 2025, would force Michigan to increase the use of renewable energy to at least 25 percent by the year 2025. This proposal is likely to increase energy costs dramatically. If this is passed, it will create a very dangerous precedent of granting special favors that are not easily removed into our state’s constitution.

Proposal 4 is meant to force the unionization of home health care workers, regardless of whether they are just taking care of a family member, friend, or are part of a health care network. By allowing this proposal to go through, taxpayer dollars will be put at risk and special interests will have carved out their own spot in the Michigan constitution.

All of these proposals stand to hamper small business growth in our state if passed and represent significant hurdles to the effort to reinvent our state. SBAM urges a NO vote on Proposal 2, Proposal 3 and Proposal 4.

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