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SBAM’s “Propelling a New Economic Direction for Michigan” initiative noted in Detroit Free Press column

June 21, 2010

SBAM’s new “Propelling a New Economic Direction for Michigan” initiative, which will be launched Thursday at SBAM’s annual meeting in East Lansing, was the subject of Detroit Free Press business columnist Tom Walsh’s column on June 20. Excerpt:

Hunting should be replaced by “economic gardening,” an approach that would cultivate the state’s existing base of companies with fewer than 100 employees, growing them into much bigger outfits. That’s the gospel the Small Business Association of Michigan will preach to its members — and to the pack of candidates vying to be Michigan’s next governor — at SBAM’s annual meeting Thursday in East Lansing. “This is not just a philosophy. We believe there’s some new science here,” SBAM President Rob Fowler told me last week.

Read Walsh’s entire column here.

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