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Senate Republicans Announce Reform Agenda

January 23, 2010

Earlier this week Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop and the Senate Republican caucus announced a package of government reform bills that could result in potential savings of more than $2 billion.

Senator Bishop called 2010 the “Year of Reform”.  We at SBAM welcome the package.  This fits in with what we have been working to achieve for most of the past 6 months.  The Senate’s reform package encompasses many of the reforms that we have been calling for.

The state faces a $1.8 billion deficit for the coming fiscal year.  Passage of these reforms will help achieve our goals of reforming government and passing a budget that does not include tax hikes.

The 10 Senate Republican initiatives cover six key reform areas for an estimated total savings of $2.24-2.6 billion:

  • Public employee health care ($615 million in savings);
  • Local police and fire ($70-118 million); 
  • K-12 school spending ($363-663 million); 
  • Medicaid spending ($160-500 million); 
  • Government efficiency (indeterminate); and 
  • Public employee compensation ($1.2 billion).

SBAM looks forward to working with both the House and Senate to see these proposals become law.

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