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Small Biz PAC makes additional legislative endorsements following the primary election

August 16, 2022

Post-primary, SBAM’s Political Action Committee selects additional slate of Michigan House and Senate Candidates to back in November

The Small Business Association of Michigan’s Small Biz PAC today announced  another round of candidate endorsements for those who won primary elections this month and are vying for seats in the Michigan House of Representatives and Michigan Senate.

“Now more than ever, our state is in need of leaders who understand the challenges faced by small businesses, and who will support policies that reflect that understanding,” said SBAM President & CEO Brian Calley. “With November’s election rapidly approaching, the Small Biz PAC is pleased to endorse these candidates who are committed to state and local economic growth fostered by small businesses.”

House candidates receiving this endorsement include:

  • District #16: Rep. Stephanie Young (D)
  • District #22: Rep. Matt Koleszar (D)
  • District #30: William Bruck (R)
  • District #38: Kevin Whiteford (R)
  • District #46: Kathy Schmaltz (R)
  • District #48: Jason Woolford (R)
  • District #64: Rep. Andrew Beeler (R)
  • District #69: Jasper Martus (D)
  • District #86: Nancy DeBoer (R)
  • District #92: Jerry Neyer (D)
  • District #97: Matthew Bierlein (R)
  • District #99: Mike Hoadley (R)
    District #108: David Prestin (R)
  • District #109: Melody Wagner (R)

Senate candidates receiving this endorsement include:

  • District #16: Joe Bellino (R)
  • District #35: Annette Glenn (R)
  • District #37: John DaMoose (R)

The Small Biz PAC will continue to evaluate and endorse candidates throughout this election cycle. For a full list of all 94 endorsed candidates, visit

The Small Biz PAC is the political action committee of the Small Business Association of Michigan, which endorses candidates who have demonstrated support for Michigan’s small business community, regardless of political party. 

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