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Small Biz PAC makes judicial endorsements for upcoming Supreme Court, Court of Appeals elections

October 11, 2022

LANSING, MI – The Small Business Association of Michigan’s Small Biz PAC today announced the endorsement of three candidates seeking judicial seats in the November election.

The Small Biz PAC has endorsed Brian Zahra and Paul Hudson for the Michigan Supreme Court and Michael Warren in the 2nd District Court of Appeals election.  

“Michigan needs judges who are hardworking, unbiased and stick to the rule of law in their deliberations,” said SBAM President & CEO Brian Calley. “Justice Brian Zahra, Paul Hudson and Michael Warren have long track records of honorable judicial service and the Small Biz PAC is proud to endorse them in the upcoming election.”

Supreme Court Justice Brian Zahra has been a justice on the Supreme Court since January 2011, after serving on the Michigan Appeals Court for 12 years and the Wayne County Circuit Court for four years. Zahra holds his law degree from the University of Detroit School of Law.

Paul Hudson leads the Appeals group at one of Michigan’s oldest and largest law firms and has argued more than 150 cases in the Michigan appeals courts. Hudson earned his law degree from Georgetown Law and clerked for Judge Raymond Kethledge on the U.S. Court of Appeals before launching his appellate career.

Michael Warren has been an Oakland County Circuit Judge for over 19 years. He also serves as a constitutional law professor at Western Michigan Cooley Law School and was named Judge of the Decade and a Hall of Fame member by the International Association of Top Professionals.

The Small Biz PAC has also endorsed 89 legislative candidates during this election cycle. For a full list of all endorsed candidates, visit

The Small Biz PAC is the political action committee of the Small Business Association of Michigan, which endorses candidates who have demonstrated support for Michigan’s small business community, regardless of political party. 


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