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Small Business Association of Michigan announces support for Nofs-Proos energy package

November 4, 2016

The Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM), which represents more than 25,000 members across Michigan, today announced its support for the latest version of energy legislation because the bills ensure reliable, affordable and clean energy for Michigan’s small businesses into the future.  

“The Nofs-Proos energy legislation (Senate Bills 437-438) positively addresses many of the small business energy issues identified by our members, including prioritizing electric reliability and energy innovation to ensure power plants are replaced in effective, sustainable ways,” said Rob Fowler, SBAM’s president and CEO. “SBAM is greatly encouraged by our discussions with our state’s energy providers to ensure a strong small business advocacy mechanism – a process that will help provide small businesses a voice and the resources needed in this critical area.”

“Given the tremendous amount of research, analysis, committee hearings, testimony and input on this issue over the last 18 months, it only makes sense for our lawmakers to address this critical policy issue before the end of the year,” Fowler added. “We urge both chambers to take up and pass this package that will reliably and affordably power Michigan’s small businesses into the future and benefit their workers and the communities they live, work and do business in.”

The Small Business Association of Michigan is the only statewide, Michigan-based association that focuses solely on serving the needs of Michigan’s small business community. It has been successfully serving small businesses across all sectors in all 83 counties of Michigan since 1969.

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