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Small business pleased with approval of Proposal 1

August 6, 2014

For more information contact Michael Rogers, Small Business Association of Michigan Vice President Communications, 517-267-2209,

Aug. 5, 2014, Lansing — In a major victory for the prosperity of the small business community, Michigan voters Tuesday approved Proposal 1 to exempt most small businesses from the onerous Personal Property Tax (PPT).

“It’s a clear testament to the credibility of the voice of small business owners across the state,” says SBAM President and CEO Rob Fowler. “Voters support local entrepreneurs, so the message of ending the unfair double taxation of the PPT really resonated. It’s worth remembering that Michigan citizens value small business and will get behind proposals that enhance the future prospects of entrepreneurship.”

Fowler said small business owners were a major part of the “Vote Yes on Proposal 1” campaign communications, working with news media in their local towns, appearing on campaign ads, utilizing social media and providing materials with Proposal 1 facts to their employees and customers.

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