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Small businesses want to help craft a response to our road and bridge funding needs

May 6, 2015

Statement by SBAM President and CEO Rob Fowler

Michigan voters on May 5 made two things abundantly clear: Michigan’s roads and bridges must be fixed but Proposal 1 was not the solution they were looking for.

The 23,000 members of the Small Business Association of Michigan stand ready to work with the governor and Michigan’s legislature to find a long term solution to our state’s infrastructure crisis. In order to continue Michigan’s economic turnaround and position us for future growth, we must invest in the basics of maintaining and improving our roads and bridges. Small business owners and entrepreneurs need safe, reliable transportation if they are going to be able to continue playing their part in creating jobs and bolstering our economy.

It is critically important that we do not return to the failed solutions of the previous decade. The worst possible solution is to pile additional tax burdens on the small business owners who are moving our economy forward.

Let’s fix our roads the right way and keep jobs and economic growth growing in our great state!

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