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Special Thanks to SBAM Members on MBT Surcharge Repeal Letter

November 12, 2009

We would like to thank the more than 160 businesses who lent their name to our efforts to repeal the MBT surcharge.  You’ll recall that a couple of weeks ago, we sent out an alert for businesses to “sign” their name encouraging the Governor and the House to follow the Senate’s lead and support legislation to repeal the MBT surcharge.

The response from our members is greatly appreciated.  The effort was part of a broader coalition of business organizations joining together to support this issue.  The coalition’s goal was to obtain 1,000 signees.  Because of your efforts and those of other like-minded business owners, we were able to turn in more that 2,000 on the letter that was delivered to the governor and legislators earlier this week.

While there is agreement in the legislature that the MBT surcharge should be repealed,  agreement on how to do so remains a problem.  To date, the Senate Republicans have led on this issue.  We will continue to push this issue with members of the House, and keep you posted on updates.

Thanks again.

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