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Strategic Partnership Spotlight: Mobile Technology Association of Michigan

November 11, 2011

For nearly three years, the Small Business Association of Michigan has been actively seeking out regional and statewide business organizations who share our vision of moving  toward an entrepreneurial economy. The Mobile Technology Association of Michigan (MTAM) is a recent addition to our group of partners. We sat down with Linda Daichendt, Executive Director/President of MTAM to talk about our partnership.

Mobile Technology Association of Michigan (MTAM)

Established in September of 2010, the MTAM is celebrating its first anniversary. After spending nearly a year getting systems in place, MTAM began accepting members two months ago and is already up to around 150 members. However, according to Daichendt, that number changes almost daily! “Between our business and individual members, we are currently at about 150 members. Plus, we are the state-wide sponsor of the Mobile Monday Michigan program where we have over 1000 members at this time,” shared Daichendt.
Mobile Monday is an international organization that works with local, regional, national and global mobile industry leaders to encourage and facilitate Mobile Industry growth by hosting networking events to encourage idea sharing, best practices and discussion about mobile technology across industries. Currently Michigan has chapters in Detroit, Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids with early planning underway for chapters in Lansing and Kalamazoo, as well as other Michigan cities in 2012.

A recent study conducted on MTAM’s behalf by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation indicated that for every one mobile technology industry job created in Michigan, 3.9 additional non-mobile industry jobs are created. With that in mind, the MTAM has set a goal to create 9,250 new mobile technology-related jobs by 2015, which could mean over 35,000 additional non-mobile-related new jobs in Michigan and over $1.7 billion in salaries/wages for Michigan residents.  Focus spoke with Daichendt about MTAM’s newly established strategic partnership with SBAM. Learn more about MTAM at

Focus: What is the value of SBAM to MTAM?

Daichendt:  SBAM will provide value to MTAM in several ways. For example:

1.     The partnership will allow us to provide immediate direct benefit to our members by giving them the ability to access SBAM group rates on health, dental and other insurance programs along with access to discounts from national firms – which means more Michigan businesses will be able to provide benefits to their employees
2.     Our partnership allows MTAM to gain additional exposure throughout Michigan to educate SBAM’s member firms about mobile technology and the impact it can have on their businesses by increasing productivity and profitability
3.     We will benefit from increased exposure / education about MTAM and mobile technology, which will help to increase demand for mobile services, thereby creating opportunities for more small businesses and jobs in Michigan

Focus: Why are partnerships important? 

Daichendt: Michigan is a state that for too many years depended on a single industry to support it and drive it forward.  In recent years we have learned the importance of diversifying our economy, and this has provided opportunities for the development of small businesses in a wide array of industries. However, small business owners are typically wearing 12 hats and working 60 – 80 hours per week so they rarely have time to seek out new resources that can aid their businesses.  Partnerships such as our SBAM/MTAM partnership offer us a unique opportunity to cross-promote our respective benefit and service offerings, thereby increasing the likelihood that each of us is able to assist more businesses in Michigan, and thereby contribute toward growing Michigan’s economy.

Focus: Have you seen incredible growth with the mobile boom?

Daichendt: Believe it or not, the MEDC study also told us that currently there are over 47,000 people in the state already working in the mobile technology field in Michigan.  However, we also know that as mobile technology continues its rapid growth in both the consumer and business spaces, the demand for mobile services will create even more jobs, including in our State.  Mobile is one of the fastest-growing industries on a global, national and state-wide scale. Look at some of the following statistics:
•    Mobile data has gone from being less than 1% of mobile carrier revenue, to over 35% in 2010, and is expected to be more than 50% by early 2013
•    There were 5 billion apps downloaded in 2010, and it is estimated that 44 billion mobile applications will be downloaded within the next 5 years
•    More than 50% of adults will be using smartphones by the end of 2011
•    Mobile searches have grown over 400% in the past year
•    79% of smartphone users have used it to help with shopping
•     40% of consumers indicate they would pay for mobile remote monitoring with a monthly fee to send data to their physicians; 40% of physicians indicate they could eliminate up to 30% of office visits thru the use of mobile monitoring, email and SMS
•    In 2010 mobile data traffic grew 159%, which is roughly 3.3 times faster than traditional landline broadband
•    Fast-growing segments of the industry include:  mobile health, mobile commerce/mobile payments, and mobile-to-machine – including here in Michigan

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