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Strategies to Improve Mental Health in the Workplace

January 27, 2023

Investing in mental health and safety is critical to build strong workplaces, a strong workforce and strong communities.

Employees and employers across the state are encouraged to review these resources and build on mental health strategies that will have a positive impact on employee wellbeing, the employer’s bottom line and our communities.

To further efforts to support mental health and wellbeing for more Michiganders, Governor Gretchen Whitmer tasked LEO with establishing a dedicated workgroup to focus on mental health, trauma and resiliency in the workplace. The workgroup released their findings and key strategies for employers to help build supportive workplaces by integrating employee mental health strategies that establish healthier workplaces, enhance employee wellbeing and promote resilient companies.

SBAM members Lorri Rishar (Edge Partnerships) and Jenny Brown (Dutton Farm) both participated in the workgroup.

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