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Survey Shows 50% of Organizations Are Back to Onsite Work

July 7, 2021

By Heather Nezich, courtesy of SBAM Approved Partner ASE

One of ASE’s sister associations, MRA, recently conducted a survey focused on return-to-work plans, mask policies at work, vaccinations, and recruiting as organizations move toward a post-pandemic life. The survey, Adjusting to the Newest COVID-19 Challenges, indicated that 50% of organizations have transitioned their workforce back to fully onsite.

While 50% have returned to work onsite, for the remaining 50%:

  • 31% returned with hybrid work locations.
  • 16% currently working remotely with plans to return.
  • 3% plan to continue working remotely indefinitely.

Similarly, ASE’s Return to Work survey, which took place in May, slightly more than a third of Michigan employers (34%) are planning for a more permanent hybrid remote work model, where employees only return to the workplace a few days a week.  Most companies will plan for at least two or three remote days per week as part of their remote model.

The majority of organizations in the MRA survey are still in transition and indicated they will be returning by October 1, 2021.  Again, very similar to ASE’s results which showed that Michigan employers have identified September as their likely date to fully re-open for in-person work. 

Additional adjustments are being made to policies around masks since the release of the CDC recommendation in May 2021. 82% of respondents reported that they have already made or plan to make changes to their mask-wearing policy for employees in the workplace, showing quick action to make changes for those employees who have already received the vaccination.

Regarding a company’s stance on vaccination for its employees, MRA’s survey reveals:

  • 87% of companies indicate vaccines are optional.
  • 17% of companies offer incentives.
  • 10% of organizations have onsite resources.
  • 3% of businesses require vaccines, but honor reasonable accommodations.
  • 1% indicate vaccination is required and not optional.

ASE’s survey yielded similar results with only 1% of organizations stating they would require vaccinations.

MRA’s survey asked what organizations are doing now to recruit candidates to fill needed positions. The top five measures that organizations have implemented to aid in recruiting are:

  1. Referral bonus to current employees (56%)
  2. Increase to regular starting pay (53%)
  3. Flexible schedules (36%)
  4. Remote/hybrid work location (33%)
  5. Training to learn new job-related skills (20%)

As Mary E. Corrado, ASE President & CEO, stated, “In many settings, employees have grown accustomed to remote work and the flexibility it provides.  As a result, there will be hesitancy to return to the office, now or in the future.  Each organization will need to examine what works for their business and their culture.  The companies that effectively transition from the pandemic, whether they decide to embrace remote work or not, will be those who have proactively communicated with employees and work to manage expectations,” stated Mary E. Corrado, ASE President and CEO.

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