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Taking Care of Little Issues Before They Become Big Issues

December 9, 2019

Tom Cook is the founder, President and CEO of Team Facilities, Inc. He says the purpose of his firm is to remove facility issues, obstacles, and distractions to support the success and purpose of customers like businesses, schools, churches, credit unions, banks and retailers. “Pretty much everybody changes the oil in their car so that they prevent engine failure,” Cook says. “But not everyone realizes that the same idea holds true for other assets, including buildings and facilities.” Learn more about modern facilities management when Tom Cook is interviewed by Michael Rogers for SBAM’s Small Business Weekly Podcast.

The Small Business Association of Michigan’s weekly podcast presents a dynamic audio interview from a top-notch expert on entrepreneurial success. Hear great tips and advice on how to be a more effective small business owner. Get a new episode every week by subscribing via iTunes. (

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