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Tax reform prompts small business in west Michigan to expand and add jobs

May 19, 2011

West Michigan headquartered company Lake Michigan Mailers announced plans to expand its electronic document management service – ifilesecure™ — and create two new full-time positions and one part-time position.
“The recent passage of business tax reform in the state legislature directly contributed to our decision to invest in facility upgrades and job growth,” said David C. Rhoa, president of Lake Michigan Mailers, Inc. “The State of Michigan’s actions sent us a very strong, albeit long-overdue message; namely, that Michigan wants existing, second-stage, entrepreneurial companies to grow and expand within the state.” 
David Rhoa is interviewed on business tax reform and his business expansion on the May 21-22 Business Next radio show
The expansion plan calls for renovating a portion of the company’s Kalamazoo facility in which its high-tech data and document center is currently housed. This expansion is the first since the company opened its state-of-the-art processing facility in South Bend, Indiana in September 2008. 
“When I testified before the House Tax Policy Committee in March of this year I stated that if the State adopts a policy that removes my company’s corporate tax burden, we would reinvest those funds in our people, our software, our hardware, and our facilities just as we have done since our founding 34 years ago. This announcement affirms that commitment,” said Rhoa. “We are certainly excited about the growth of our electronic document management service – ifilesecure™ — and are equally excited to make our expansion in Kalamazoo at a time when the State of Michigan is working to create an environment that will foster that growth.” 
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