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Tell us what you think the president should propose for job creation

September 8, 2011

The Detroit News asked business leaders (i.e. job creators) in Metro Detroit what they want to hear the president say tonight when he talks to the nation about his economic recovery plan. One of the leaders the News talked to was Jerry Grubb, owner, Wee Discover Child Daycare and Learning Center, Waterford and a member of SBAM’s board of directors.
“I’d tell President Obama that he needs to make sure that every regulation be proven useful; that regulations won’t hinder the businesses that have to follow them.
“It seems that this administration assumes that all businesspeople are evil-doers and that we’re out to cheat somebody. But that’s not true. We want to hire people and provide services and run good businesses.
“There are so many regulations. Take the recent National Labor Relations Board ruling that says we all have to post union posters in our businesses. That’s not the government’s job to tell me what to hang in my private business.
“I’d also really like to hear him say he’s in favor of repealing Obamacare, which I know is not going to happen, but it would be nice.
” I don’t know if Obamacare is going to cost me $200 or $2,000 per employee, but I do know that the costs are going to prohibit me from hiring or expanding.
Click here to read the entire Detroit News editorial.
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