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The best and worst times to post on social media

July 26, 2018

Article courtesy of 834 Design

Social media moves fast. Real fast. On top of that, algorithms are now structured in a way that significantly hinders the impact of your organic content as a business page.

While we can get behind the intentions – to provide a more engaging and valuable experience for users – it can be a pain the ass for small businesses to constantly stay up to date on the ever-changing rules.

So, how do you cut through the clutter and tricky algorithms to get in front of people?

The number one way is your content. If you are creating and sharing engaging content, it’ll perform well. Here are a few blog posts from our archives that might help you with that:

Beyond the actual content, the timing of when you share it is another important tool in your toolbox. Here are some do’s and don’ts around when to post on popular platforms.

Do post: Later in the week and over the weekend, typically during the afternoon

Don’t post: on Tuesdays

Do post: A LOT. Twitter moves the quickest of them all; quantity is important. However, weekdays over the lunch hour generally work the best.

Don’t post: on the weekends

Do post: in the middle of the week (Tuesday – Thursday specifically) and during business hours (10-11am in particular)

Don’t post: on the weekends

Do post: during the week, and typically later in the evening (7-9pm)

Don’t post: on Sundays, or during happy hour

Grab the PDF
Seriously – download a copy of our Best Times to Post on Social Media cheat sheet. Send it to a friend or hang it up at your desk. You’ll thank us later.

Sweet! Thanks for the Silver Bullet!
Nope. These guidelines are based on global data sets, and not tailored to your audience. These rules should serve as general principals, to be experimented with and adjusted based on your specific audience. Pay attention to the Insights and data available to you through your social platforms, and adjust as necessary.

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