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The risks and rewards of expanding into new markets. On today’s SBAM Business Next audio report

January 20, 2015

Michael Rogers talks with Paul Ryznar, president and CEO of Light Guide Systems, on the entrepreneurial challenge of taking an existing business and expanding into new market segments.

Light Guide Systems–proprietary software and high-powered projector systems to guide and confirm completion of complex tasks–was originally developed for automotive manufacturing environments, but is now being translated into a variety of other industries and uses, including other manufacturing environments (aerospace, heavy equipment, agricultural equipment, etc.) training situations and even medical uses. Paul talks about the opportunities and challenges this situation can present for growing companies.

Business Next is hosted and produced by SBAM’s Vice President Communications Michael Rogers. You can hear helpful news and advice that makes you a more successful small business owner ever Monday, Wednesday and Fridays on the Michigan Business Network. Click here for an archive of previous programs.

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