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The Star of Sanitation, Decontamination

June 8, 2020

When you have the means to help, you do it. That’s how Midwest Enviro Solutions ended up in the sanitation and decontamination industry. Even before the pandemic swept the nation, owner and operator of Midwest Enviro Solutions, Rick Allen, has helped many residents and business owners across the midwest keep their business safe with their advanced sanitizing methods. They work to inspect, sanitize, and protect homes and businesses from mold, pollutants, dander, germs, and other harmful germs and viruses.

“We feel a strong responsibility to go above and beyond those means to ensure each and every work environment will take necessary precautions to protect their employees and the public. Allen said. “Now, more than ever, it’s important to maintain a clean and sanitized environment at your place of business, and we are happy to help small business owners along with many other Michiganders protect their health.”

It’s important to regularly sanitize the surfaces in your home and workplace. A clean environment helps people feel safe and comfortable. It can also be a good idea to protect your businesses and homes with a deep clean with a professional company to ensure the sanitization process is as effective as possible. Bacteria, along with other harmful pollutants, can increase daily on surfaces that aren’t routinely sanitized, which makes it unhealthy for everyone who comes into contact with it. Sanitizing the workplace helps not only your employees but your customers. It also makes a good impression when your customers can noticeably see the cleanliness in your office or business.

Lately, Midwest Enviro Solutions has been hard at work helping businesses and those working on the frontlines to disinfect around the state to protect against the coronavirus. With the EPA approved, and WHO and CDC recommended broad spectrum disinfectant BactiBarrier, Midwest Enviro Solutions has been able to assist in decontaminating and eliminating the virus COVID-19. Not only has the enviro team been working with frontline businesses to disinfect, but they have also donated hundreds of bottles of the BactiBarrier disinfectant to businesses like delivery drivers, gas stations, restaurants, police departments, hospitals, and others working in the public.

“We had the opportunity to help our fellow communities in Michigan, so we did,” Allen explained. “We launched our Community Wellness Initiative and have been working endlessly throughout the pandemic to increase sanitation and decontamination efforts. We’re proud to have been able to do this.”

Midwest Enviro Solutions advanced sanitizing methods have helped businesses all over Michigan stay safe and protected before and during these uncertain times. They will continue to work to help ensure safety and sanitization to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and other harmful pollutants and continue giving Michigan business owners the star of sanitation for their business. They offer many different types of sanitizing and disinfecting solutions to best suit  the needs of a variety of different business owners in the state of Michigan and throughout the midwest.

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