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Three payroll updates that will affect you and your employees

September 11, 2018

Article courtesy of Yeo & Yeo

IRS Releases Draft of 2019 Form W-4
The proposed 2019 Form W-4 reflects major changes. At this time, all current employees’ W-4 forms are still valid. However, all new employees hired after December 31, 2018, and all employees filing exempt in 2018, will need to use the new 2019 Form W-4 form beginning January 1, 2019.
I-9 Compliance Crackdown – How to Be Prepared for an I-9 Audit
As a part of the government’s comprehensive effort to combat unauthorized immigration, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations’ audits of Form I-9 have increased by more than 65 percent and are expected to continue to rise. Any employer can be investigated.

Social Security Administration Sending ‘No Match’ Notices
The Social Security Administration (SSA) has begun mailing notifications to businesses and third parties who submitted 2017 W-2 forms that contained name and Social Security number (SSN) combinations that did not match the SSA records. 

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