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Tips for creating mobile ads

September 25, 2015

By Eric Hammis, 3Sixty Interactive

Typically when people get blasted with ads while surfing the web, they might look the other way or even get annoyed. We’ve all come across that website where you click on a link only to be greeted by a giant ad that takes up the entire screen. No matter how hard to try to scroll down, it continues to follow you, almost stalking you.

Fortunately, with mobile marketing, people don’t seem to mind seeing ads as much. In a 2014 study, nearly 50% of mobile shoppers said ads were helpful and 70% have oticed mobile ads while surfing the web.

So that means mobile ads work, which means you better be using them. So let’s take a look at some tips on how to create effective mobile ads.

Don’t Overlook Your Imagery
It’s all about your images. Think about when you’re scrolling on your phone. What catches your eye first? Chances are that it’s an image. Shoot, we’ve got an entire sites (Pinterest, Instagram, etc.) that are simply dedicated to sharing photos. So
when it comes to your mobile ads, don’t just slap a random Thinkstock photo on their and call it a day.

Think about what will catch the eye of the consumer, and it has to work quickly. Mobile users fly through screens quickly, so it has to work immediately. Add some effects and take your time when selecting the imagery for your mobile ads.

Use Effective Call To Actions
Your call to actions is what will get users to, well, take action. Funny how that works. You need some text that describes the ad, but your call to action, at times, can be even more important. If you don’t have a call to action, there’s nothing to entice the user to click on your ad, and that’s what we’re going for.

Also, make sure your call action takes the user to where they expect to go. If you’ve got a call to action that says, “click here to view products” and it takes them to your blog, chances are that user isn’t going to be pleased.

As I mentioned before, placing your ad in the wrong place can turn people off. Say for example someone is playing a game, you don’t want your ad to pop up right in the middle of the screen. That will infuriate some of those mad gamers out there. So maybe placing your ad to the right of the screen is a good choice. Again, it’s going to differ depending on the site the ad is running on and what you are advertising.

If you have’t figured this one out already, let me spell it out for you. If it can be integrated with social media, then you need to integrate it with social media. And the same goes for mobile ads. People are constantly accessing social media from
their phones, so by connecting your mobile ads with your social media pages, you’re significantly increasing your ads visibility. Try to get users to share your ads. If you can do this, it will go a long way.

In The End
As mobile technology continues to grow and smartphone’s continue to make their way into consumer’s pockets, mobile ads become that more important to your digital marketing plan. If done right, your mobile ads can become one of your greatest assets for your overall marketing funnel.

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