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Tips to make your onboarding process more effective

December 5, 2018

Article courtesy Gordon Advisors PC
From the mailroom to the boardroom, the onboarding process is one of the most critical challenges for every employer. During this critical phase of the hiring process, the two parties are feeling each other out, learning about the office culture and ensuring a good fit.

A mistake during this period could be very costly, especially for the employer. The cost of a hiring mistake can be many times that individual’s annual salary, one more reason companies need to get this right. Given the importance of the onboarding process, it is surprising so many companies fail to take it seriously. If you want to get your workers off to a great start and keep them on the job for the long haul, it all starts with their first days at the company.

Here are some tips to make your onboarding process easier and more effective.

Spread the Word
Many companies are secretive about their new hires, but that lack of transparency can really backfire, poisoning the corporate environment and fostering resentment among existing staff. Your current employees will find out about the new hire eventually, so why wait? Make a big announcement the moment the hiring paperwork has been finalized, and introduce the new hire before they set foot in the office. Talk about their background and qualifications, and the great things they bring to the company table. The level of communication will vary depending on the role the new hire will play in the company, but transparency and communication should be the watchwords. Once the new hire arrives and the onboarding process begins, take a few minutes to do some key in-person introductions. This will go a long way toward building comfort and integrating the new addition into the corporate environment.

Remember the Small Stuff
Onboarding can seem like a big and overwhelming process, and in many ways it is. There is a lot to cover, and lots of things for the new hire to learn. Given that overarching onboarding process, it is easy for the small things to slip through the cracks. 

Those things may seem small on the surface, but they are critically important to the people you hire. Something as simple as not knowing how to operate the copier or where to find the coffee could make your new hires feel uncomfortable and unwelcome on their first day. Whether you do it as part of the office tour or during the formal onboarding process, take the time to go over all the small but vital details of daily office life. From how to get an outside phone line and rules about personal phone calls to details on the corporate network and how to log on, go over everything you can. You do not want to leave your new hire floundering or hope they will learn what they need to know from their colleagues. You want to create a warm and welcoming corporate culture, one designed to bring your company together and get those you hire off to the best possible start.

The onboarding process is a critical test of your company, and failing it could be quite expensive. Whether you plan to hire a single person this year or build a team of hundreds, the way you welcome those new workers can make all the difference in the world. The tips listed above can help you build a great team, full of happy workers and a productive office environment.

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