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Watchdog Alert: Support House Bill 5002

October 31, 2011

The Michigan House of Representatives is poised to vote on legislation that will modernize and clarify the Workers Disability Compensation Act.  The Act, which governs our state’s complicated workers compensation rules, is 100 years old and is in desperate need of revision.  House Bill 5002, introduced by Representative Bradford Jacobsen (R-Oxford), seeks to amend the antiquated statute to reflect the advances in the legal, economic and medical issues with which the act deals.  The House Commerce Committee recently approved the measure, and House Floor vote appears to be imminent.  

The debate has been a contentious one, with the business community and trial lawyers coming to the table with very different ideas on how the Act should be written.  With the debate now reaching a critical stage in the House, it’s important for elected officials to hear from their local small business owners.  Please contact your state representative today and let him/her know that certainty and stability in the application of workers comp is important for small business growth, and remind them the goal of the system should be to get able-bodied workers back to work.  Today’s system places an undue financial burden on Michigan employers and stands to undermine efforts to improve Michigan’s business climate.  

SBAM stands ready to assist you in communicating with your elected official.  Complete information, as well as a sample letter is available.  Please click here to register your support for this very important small business reform effort.  

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