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Weatherization Grants

Weatherization Grants Awarded

The Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity (LEO) provided federal CARES Act funds to help qualifying small businesses expand their capacity by adding weatherized, temporary outdoor facilities. This grant program was open to applicants in late November 2020. Since then, the SBAM team has been working to provide applicable businesses funds on a first-come, first-serve basis.

As of February 2021, 331 businesses have been awarded up to $10,000 each to help their businesses increase outdoor capacity.

Businesses like Chateau Chantal (pictured left) utilized awarded funds to add outdoor seating, portable heating, outdoor fitness options, enhance filtration, expand carryout capabilities, and more.

Full Recipient List

Weston’s Kewpee

Kewpee’s has been a lunchtime staple in Lansing since 1923! Autumn Weston shares how the weatherization grant has allowed them to add capacity and keep customers safe.

Grant Recipient Success Stories

Dave’s Pine Bar, Inc

Upper Peninsula Prosperity Alliance | Food Service Establishment

“We are accomplishing keeping our doors open longer, keeping our staff on payroll and continuing to service our community with a safer dining experience during the pandemic.  We are the only restaurant in town, so it is imperative that we keep our doors open and continue providing food service.  Our mission through this grant is to shield our customers from infectious airborne particles and keeping our community safe while reducing the spread.”

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Hiit Fitness and Bootcamp, Inc.

South Central Prosperity Region | Gym/Fitness Center

“I was able to provide an outdoor personal training temporary structure utilizing a large party tent… The tent provides enough space needed for me and my trainers to perform training for our clients. It has also opened up many time slots that we never had before. This is MUCH needed during these troubling times for many small businesses, especially the fitness industry.”

Three Blondes Brewing

Southwest Prosperity Region | Food service establishment

“We were able to outfit our patio with 6 enclosures for outdoor dining (4 domes, a carport, and a greenhouse), electric heaters for each of them, over 1400lbs of sand for anchoring everything down, and it helped cover the seemingly endless amount of propane refills to keep our existing fire pits going. Additionally, we were able to purchase a hypochlorous acid generator and UV cold fogger to thoroughly sanitize these enclosures in between guests, which we are SUPER excited about since we take the health and safety of our staff and customers very seriously!  We will also be able to use this to sanitize our dining room each night once we return to indoor dining.”

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South Central Prosperity Region | Non-profit Entity

“With the LEO Winterization Grant we created a Winterization Grant program for businesses in downtown Charlotte. Businesses could apply for as much as $1350 to support outdoor dining. We had six restaurants apply for these funds and they were used for outdoor seating, tenting, and heating. Now we have outdoor seating for almost 100 guests in downtown Charlotte.”

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Revel Center

Banquet and Event Center

COVID has completely shut down our venue since March of 2020. With a severed income stream, we have had to pivot our business model to potentially accommodate additional services. When this grant became available, we knew that we could turn our outdoor patio space into a usable space this winter for potential outdoor events.”

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Market Tap

Food Service Establishment

We are pleased to announce that we were able to open the Winter Bar at Market Tap in downtown Flint on December 18th. We created a space that was safe, cozy, and welcoming to Flint patrons and beyond. Without this winterization grant we would not have had the funds to purchase the heaters, entertainment structure, tables, and materials to create the space that we have for the community and our business to stay open during the current Covid-19 restrictions.”

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Open Book Theatre Company

“We produced Window Theatre, where our actors – who are married, and could perform safely together – performed behind our lobby windows and the audience watched from the parking lot!  The grant was used to purchase outdoor speakers so the audience could hear the performers and the sound effects to create a safe place free from traffic for our audience.”

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AJ’s Walleye Lodge Bar & Grill

Outdoor elements (wind/snow) and safely directing guests throughout the property are our biggest challenge, hence all the cones, salt, safety equipment, cameras for various locations, etc.   We should be able to create a really nice, safe and socially distant outdoor experience for guests.”

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Waldenwoods Family Recreation Resort, LLC

“The grant funding will allow accommodation for events outdoors while restrictions were in place under executive order. We were able to still host gatherings following all necessary precautions.  This included the outdoor space to host the events, dance floors, lighting, and heating when applicable.  We were able to maintain some level of normalcy for our clients where many other similar businesses were just not able to accommodate. 

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Mac’s Place LLC

“With the MDHHS orders we found we had to be creative in keeping our business afloat. We decided to turn our normal front entrance into a drive thru. We purchased a speaker, changed are parking to make it a drive thru, purchased flags to advertise and purchased to Toast to accommodate online ordering. 

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