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Webinar: Growing Your Business in an On-Line World

March 8, 2019

2019 is a great time to run a small business. There are lots of changes going on, but this is the first time this century that scaling businesses have an advantage. The key is to understand your strengths, define your special sauce and engage with prospects and customers where you provide the most value. The key to doing this effectively is working at scale and leveraging simple technology to make it easy to help people while you serve your clients and grow your business. 

Tuesday, March 26th Noon – 1pm
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Featuring field experts:

Lisa Smith 
InVerve Marketing, President

Dan Tyre
HubSpot, Director

Duane Forrester
Yext, VP Industry Insights
This presentation will review:
                Running a business in 2019
                How buyer behavior has changed as we move to an on-line world
                Changes to new business development in the last 18 months 
                Identifying your best assets 
                Being selective with the right prospects/customers
                Adding value and being human from Day 1 
                Generating a strategy for more word of mouth leads
                How to make sure you have verifiably happy customers
                How to turn your happy customers into delighted advocates 
                How to get started

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