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Weekly endorsed candidate bio: Matt Huuki

September 29, 2012

The Michigan Legislature, over the past two years, has enacted unprecedented reforms geared toward unleashing the power of small businesses to grow and create jobs.  From comprehensive business tax reform to eliminating regulatory red tape, Michigan has taken giant steps forward in its economic comeback under the leadership of Governor Snyder a key legislative leaders.  While much has been accomplished, there is still much to do.  This makes the 2012 Election the most important for small business in decades.

SBAM is committed to maintaining this positive momentum and would like to highlight House members who have been instrumental in reforming state government.  Over the next several weeks leading up to the election, SBAM will profile candidates who have demonstrated themselves to be friends of small business.  Members are encouraged to engage with these local candidates to thank them for their strong support on issues important to Michigan small business.

Representative Matt Hukki (R-Atlantic Mine), a small business owner himself, has demonstrated a command of the issues critical for small business growth, and carries a 100% voting record on SBAM priority issues.  Representative Hukki faces stiff competition in this fall’s election, having come under attack for his vote to repeal the Michigan Business Tax (MBT) and his support for the new Corporate Income Tax (CIT).  We hope members will take a moment to learn more about Matt.

For a full list of SBAM endorsed candidates, click here.

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