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What companies do Millennials and Gen Z’rs want to work for?

September 13, 2018

By Mary Corrado, courtesy of SBAM Approved Partner ASE

I recently came across a study by Comparably that researched what companies Millennials and Gen Z’rs want to work for.  While the companies didn’t surprise me, some of the ratings did.  Another surprising factor is that we are now talking about Generation Z.  The oldest Millennials are now 31-35 years old.  Generation Z is coming up right behind them at ages 18-25.

The study involved 23,000 people ages 18-35, so Millennials and Gen Z’rs.  As many of you can probably guess, the top ten companies they would like to work for are:

1.      Amazon
2.      Google
3.      Microsoft
4.      Facebook
5.      Uber
6.      LinkedIn
7.      Apple
8.      Airbnb
9.      Twitter
10.    Netflix

They also broke the top ten list down based on perceptions of: culture, CEO, how women are represented, compensation, and perks.  When the top ten are broken down by these factors, the order changes:

1.      Netflix
2.      Facebook
3.      Google
Uber was at the bottom of this list.  

LinkedIn ranked number one and Netflix came in second for CEO perception.  Last was Airbnb.

Facebook and Netflix came in at the top for how women perceived the companies.  Airbnb was again at the bottom.

Facebook and Google were the highest for compensation; and yet again, Airbnb came in last.

LinkedIn came in first, but Amazon came in last.  It’s very surprising to me that Amazon came in last on this one.

A few other surprising findings are that Netflix came in dead last in the overall top 10, yet ranked very high when asked about culture, CEO, and women in the company.  And while Airbnb holds a spot in the top ten, they came in last in several categories.  Microsoft, ranked third in overall ratings, didn’t top the list for any of the subcategories.

After having reviewed this study, I thought it would be interesting to see if there are similarities to how the top three companies ranked for culture (Netflix, Facebook, Google) brand themselves to prospective employees.  I visited the career pages of their websites and found that all three place a strong focus on people.    Netflix makes the statement, “Our core philosophy is People over Process.”  Facebook states, “People are the heart of every connection we build.”  Google states, “Together, we create access to information and build products that improve people’s lives.”

I’ve read several studies stating that Millennials, more than any other generation, want meaningful work.  I believe this holds true and is apparent in the top-ranking companies they want to work for.  They are seeking meaningful work with employers that care.

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