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What to look for in a Mobile Payments solution

April 1, 2014

By Anne Heraghty, courtesy of SBAM Approved Partner Veracity

Accepting mobile payments is a great way to boost your business’s success while you’re out and about in the community. Letting customers pay on the spot with a smartphone means your phone now does double duty as a point of sale device. With most providers, getting an app and a swipe device is simple, but getting support for your mobile payment solution can be a real challenge. Before you start – and even as you go – you will have important questions.

Accepting mobile payments is about more than just a piece of hardware. When shopping for a system, be sure to ask questions and gain as much information as possible before you commit. This list provides a good starting point that you can add specifics to based upon your particular business needs:

  • What security is in place to protect my transactions?
  • Does the app integrate with my other payment solutions?
  • Do I fully understand the costs?
  • Does it work on my existing mobile devices or do I have to buy new ones?
  • Can I process, review and manage transactions online?
  • Can I be certain receipts are delivered to the customers, and if not, can I retrieve them and send manually if necessary?
  • What payment types and programs (cards, loyalty, rewards) are accepted?
  • Who do I call when I need help?

It is important to find a mobile solution that goes beyond a simple standalone application. You want a secure, full-service mobile payment solution that includes complete customer support, not just a phone number and a menu of automated responses. Look for access to full, live customer service and technical support, and the expertise to answer any payment and system integration questions.

Your mobile payments provider should offer guidance for using mobile with your other payment methods and expanding your options as your business changes. They should provide insight, not just an easy way to get paid. Use Veracity as your mobile payments resource: (888) 599-2209.

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