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What You Need to Do with Your UIA Account if Closing or Selling Business

February 24, 2023

If you no longer have employees, or if you are closing or selling your own business, you must notify the Michigan UIA of your change in payroll by completing and submitting the UIA Form 1772 Notice of Change. This form is used to determine termination of liability and discontinuation of active UIA account status.

Form 1772, found in your MiWAM account or on the UIA website, lets you provide information about the new owner of your business if selling it to someone else.

UIA will automatically change the Employer Account status to inactive after eight quarters of no payroll activity. Filing a zero-wage report is considered no payroll activity. After the Employer Account Number (EAN) status is changed to inactive and remains in inactive status for an additional four quarters, the EAN is then terminated and UIA Form 1366, Termination of Coverage of Determination Under Section 24(c) of the Michigan Employment Security Act is issued.

The EAN can be restored to active status either before the account is terminated or up to one year after the termination notice is issued. UIA does not have jurisdiction to restore the account to active status if a request to reopen a terminated account is received more than a year from the date the termination notice is issued.

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