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Why Businesses Need A Process for Sales

August 16, 2018

SBAM Webinar

An in-depth look at sales psychology and find out how most prospects are buying, how most are selling, and why there are so many stalls, objections and problems.


Attend this session and find out why:

  • More time is spent on “follow-up” than prospecting

  • Long, drawn-out decision cycles happen 

  • Presentations and demos gain promises to “think-it-over”

  • There is lots of sales activity, but too few sales are closing

  • Cutting price is a main closing tactic 

  • Penetrating new accounts is so difficult

You’ll also learn a system of selling which removes all the pressure.

Attendees will learn how one can control the sales process, remove the roadblocks in their current system and ensure more successful conclusions for each opportunity.

Presented by Joe Marr of Sandler Sales Training, this webinar is designed for entrepreneurs, business owners and sales executives.

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