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Why Cultural Awareness is Important to the Success of Your Small Business

November 18, 2019

7C Lingo is a Lansing-based cultural interpretation and translation company working with customers, universities, non-profits, and Fortune 500 companies across the nation. Michael Rogers talked with Fathy Shetiah, owner of 7C Lingo in this week’s Small Business Weekly Podcast, on why cultural awareness should matter to small businesses.

“Culture is one of the most powerful influencing forces that deeply shape all of our values, community, and communication styles,” says Shetiah. He continues, “Culture is essentially about how we communicate and it’s reflected in both language and behavior throughout every transaction.” As Lansing and other cities in the United States continue to become more and more diverse, small businesses need to be flexible.  “Stay focused, be humble, and continue being flexible. The world is changing so much and we need to continue to be flexible to meet our goals,” Shetiah concludes. 

For more information on 7C Lingo, visit their website. For other ways to get involved in SBAM, or to connect with other owners in your region, visit our Owner-to-Owner page

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