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Workers are Looking for More from Employers

September 16, 2022

By Jason Rowe, courtesy of SBAM Approved Partner ASE

American workers are reassessing the approach they want to take with their work life and careers, their loyalty to their organization, and what they expect from their employer. While financial reward is still a top priority, they are thinking more holistically about their experience at work and the benefits that they prioritize according to KPMG’s American Worker Survey.

Seven key takeaways from the 2022 survey are:

  1. Remote work is important, but not the universal remedy. Even though remote work is important to many, there is also a desire to engage in experiences at the office.
    • 26% of managers want to work mostly remotely, with some days in the office/on premise.
  2. The “Great Reconsideration” is underway. The ‘Great Reconsideration’ is what drives American workers most when it comes to work and life.
    • 33% of respondents say their happiness at work has somewhat or significantly decreased.
    • 57% of those are actively thinking about or looking to leave their employer.
  3. Balance and benefits help. Work-life balance is about finding work-life harmony—work needs to be seamlessly part of a much bigger picture of life.
    • 44% of respondents working fully/partially remote believe that their work-life balance is better, compared to 27% working fully/mostly in the office.
  4. American workers want clear pathways. American workers want to know that they have career opportunities within their organizations as well as the chance to learn and grow.
    • 62% of respondents report that they strongly or somewhat agree that they have clear visibility into career opportunities across the organization.
  5. Digital has yet to deliver. Technology investment and digital transformation have rapidly swept through the workforce but may not be delivering the maximum possible return.
    • 36% of respondents say their team’s ability to collaborate has significantly or somewhat improved, but for 17% things have gone in the opposite direction.
  6. Purpose is clear; connection is weaker. When American workers understand the vision of the organization and their role in reaching it, their engagement will be greater than those who do not.
    • 36% of respondents say that feeling disrespected at work is a top reason that would make them want to leave their organization.
  7. More can be done on environment, social, and governance (ESG). The engagement American workers have with their organization can be impacted by how they feel about their organizations’ ESG activities, particularly around climate change, as well as diversity & inclusion.
    • 71% say the mission and purpose of their organization make them feel as though their job is important.
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