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Working together as a father-son small business team

January 27, 2020

How many entrepreneurs get the opportunity to work with their son to found a successful new firm? Tom Mathison and his son Evan launched Mathison|Mathison Architects in 2013 after they each had successful careers with other companies. “We’re both co-founders of the firm so we established the direction of the company together at the same time as professional partners,” Tom says. “This was, I think, an important step for us in that we both had the same grounding in what we envisioned for the future, even though it was just the two of us at the beginning. And we also established a formal operating agreement between us so that the business aspects of what our relationship was were determined even before we actually started the firm.” Learn more about the rewards and challenges of running a family-owned business when Tom Mathison talks with Michael Rogers on SBAM’s Weekly Podcast.

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