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Workplace Smoke Ban to Become Law

December 12, 2009

Yesterday, the House and Senate agreed to language that would ban smoking in the workplace for most businesses in Michigan.  Governor Granholm has indicated that she will sign the bill.

In somewhat of a surprise move this week, the State Senate acted on the smoking ban bill that passed the House in June.  Last year, the Senate passed a bill that would have banned smoking in all businesses, while the House had an exemption for casinos, cigar bars and tobacco specialty shops.

Rumors swirled earlier in the week that the some senators might be willing to change their position to be more in line with the House bill.  In what can be described as quick action (for Lansing), by Thursday the bill was amended in the Senate and agreed to by the House.

The bill does allow some exemptions to the smoking ban.  Smoking would still be allowed on casino floors, cigar bars, tobacco shops, residences that are used as offices and motor vehicles (aimed at the trucking industry).

Governor Granholm has indicated that she will sign the bill.  With her signature, the bill is scheduled to take effect on May 1.

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