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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PPE to Keep Your Employees Safe

SBAM has sourced Personal Protection Equipment resources for our members from our members. This marketplace is a great opporatunity for you to shop small and shop local.

In ech instance, you can work directly with the manufacturer or distributor for purchase.

Does your company manufacture or distribute PPE? Download our  Products and Services Questions for details on how your business can get added to our resource list.

HealthScreen™ by Marana Group

HealthScreen™ is designed to administer daily health screen questionnaires to your employees prior to coming to work, and it works without the need to download, install, or maintain any software.

Unlike some “free” services, HealthScreen™ is strictly confidential and does not collect or report employee location data, gender, ethnicity, employee home address or location. Best of  all, it’s available without a contract or volume commitment.

To receive a free, no-obligation quotation on HealthScreen™, please visit our website and complete a brief information form.

Discounts for SBAM members automatically applied.  Limit one discount per customer.

  • SBAM Member (10%)
  • Leadership Council Member (15%)
  • VIP Member (25%)
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HealthyVisitor™ by Marana Group

HealthyVisitor™ is a point-of-entry management tool that administers health screen questionnaires for vendors, contractors and visitors when they arrive at your facility, and it works without the need to download, install, or maintain any software.

Unlike some “free” services, HealthyVisitor™ is strictly confidential and does not collect or report employee location data, gender, ethnicity, employee home address or location. Best of  all, it’s available without a contract or volume commitment.

Restaurant owners: There is a HealthyVisitor™ designed specifically for restaurants. Your patrons can register their name, and phone number with their phone. No action is needed on the part of your staff. You receive a daily report with all required information.

Discounts for SBAM members automatically applied.  Limit one discount per customer.

  • SBAM Member (10%)
  • Leadership Council Member (15%)
  • VIP Member (25%)
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The All-in-One COVID-19 Compliance Coach App

Return to Work Safer and Smarter is the low-cost platform designed to help your small business prepare employees to return to work, open your doors to customers and mitigate the spread of COVID-19 within one location or across your entire footprint.

Manage all your COVID-19 efforts from one, simple Admin Dashboard:

  • Deliver pre-loaded COVID-19 training
  • Create and communicate custom COVID-19 preparedness and response plans
  • Monitor daily employee health checks
  • Track and time-stamp response plan acknowledgement and training completion
  • Push notifications and alerts

Participants can access the Active Member seal to promote their preparedness to customers and the community.

Be sure your business and your employees are COVID-19-prepared.

Visit today!

COVID ClearPass App from Red Level

Helping Your Workforce Get Back To Work

Red Level is offering a free downloadable application to help companies return to work safely while complying with the COVID-19 government requirements and CDC recommendations. The application allows employees to pre-register for access to a company site, to track and maintain maximum facility capacity restrictions and enables employees to check-in and complete their self-health declaration form when going to an office site. The check-in asks employees the recommended COVID-19 questions, and if the employee answers yes to any of these questions, they and the designated human resources contact receive notification that they are not allowed to enter the location and requests that he/she contacts the designated human resource contact or site administrator.

The app also enables organization wide communications through the news portal and through the COVID Response Plan areas of the app. The app is free to all organizations but does require Microsoft’s Office 365, SharePoint Online, PowerApps and Power Automate. PowerBI is also recommended but not required.

Details & Ordering

PPE Packages

PPE One-Stop Shop

Back to Work Safely Gear

  • Masks and cloth face coverings, including custom options
  • Face shields
  • Bulk hand sanitizer

Brought to you by Alfie, Akervall Technologies and the Savant Group.

Details & Ordering

Biomed Health Solutions LLC PPE Package

BioMed is your one-stop shop for all your PPE needs, retail and wholesale. We have over 4 million PPE units in stock. We have been in business since 2003.

  • NIOSH Approved N95 & KN95 Masks
  • ASTM Level 3 Surgical Masks
  • Bulk Hand Sanitizer
  • Gloves
  • Infrared Thermometers

And much more!

Details & Ordering

Complete Dominance Athletics LLC

Complete Dominance Athletics provides shoes, athletic accessories and sports apparel for men, women, children and organized team sports. rivate labeling for other brands has been our sweet spot. We are based in Detroit, Michigan, the home of the Detroit Pistons, Tigers and Lions! We offer the most comprehenive selection of unique sportswear in town and arguably on the internet. Our apparel can be ordered on our website, Amazon, Brandboom and several other retail outlets.

For a complete list of our PPE, including masks, sanitizer, thermometers, face shields, etc., please see this document: Complete Dominance Athletics Personal Protection Equipment

Details & Ordering

TNG Worldwide

View this TNG Worldwide Essentials Product Sheet to see all products and pricing.

TNG is a Gallup-based organization focused on technology to drive customer success. In 2008, TNG made a significant investment in automation by implementing SAP, EDI and an automated pick, pack and ship service. The system allows real-time access to product data, inventory levels, shipping status and ensures customers receive the product they order as quickly and efficiently as possible, yielding a 99.8% error-free shipments and 99.1% fill rate.

Details & Ordering

Green Giftz – Grand Rapids, MI

Green Giftz PPE Product Flyer

Founded in 1992 by Karen Scarpino, Promotional Impact & Green Giftz is a premiere branded merchandise dealer based in West Michigan, serving an international client base. We specialize in eco-friendly, sustainable, and custom products. Our Made in Michigan line reuses sourced or scrap materials to create one-of-a-kind gifts that fit your brand standards.

E-mail for more information.

Details & Ordering

Manutek Inc.

Manutek PPE full product sheet

During COVID-19 we took up the task to help the COVID Warriors.

We are B2B procurement company based in Detroit, USA. We have a network of 100+ curated manufacturers, super
stockists and distributors through whom we procure for our clients at best prices.


Details & Ordering


WE COME WITH OVER 30 YEARS OF MEDICAL INDUSTRY EXPERTISE and a team of experts with backgrounds that range from the medical field to workplace and consumer safety.

Now, in the midst of unfathomable challenges, we’re using our decades of knowledge to help you create a safe work environment. We manufacture many of our products right here in Western Michigan and proud to offer Made in the USA. We also offer curbside pickup or welcome you to come visit our product showroom by appointment.

Let us be your trusted advisor with verified products to get your business reopened, in compliance and welcome your employees and customers back safely!  We look forward to meeting you.

FS full products sheet. Call 877-222-2013 for a FREE phone consultation or email us at

Special offer for fellow SBAM members – Save 5% on your order when you spend a minimum of $200.00

Use Promo Code: SBAM5 at checkout

Offer valid through 12.31.2020

Details & Ordering

G.E. Distribution Services

G.E. is a Michigan based, small business with personalized service that can quickly deliver small and large quantities of a variety of PPE supplies; some of which can be decorated with a customer’s logo.

We are a minority, woman owned company with over 25 years of experience. We have an 8,000 square foot showroom. See our flyers showing our sales and savings on PPE Supplies:

We update frequently to ensure our customers have up to date info on COVID-19 and related subjects.

Details & Ordering

Stay Safe Essentials by Mercury

We are a full-service Marketing Firm with experiences in all aspects of business from Automotive to Grocery. Our headquarters and 75,000 sq. ft. distribution facility are located in Sterling Heights, Michigan and services our clients both nationally and internationally. We have 65 full time employees and have multiple office locations throughout the U.S. We are renowned for our expertise in creating innovative and cost-effective merchandise and marketing solutions.

Mercury full PPE product list | See our Mercury PPE Kits

Contact Gretchen Thomas | 586.825.9334 | OR Tam Huynh | 586.825.9421|

Details & Ordering

Sure Solutions Corporation

A Women-Owned Business founded in 2001, Sure Solutions Corporation passionately serves communities and business networks with supply chain solutions to meet critical needs. Trust, respect, and fun are the heart and soul of our Mission, empowering team members to create a memorable experience, one customer at a time.

Many small businesses are having trouble finding non-counterfeit PPE. We’re solving that problem by making sure to follow the products from inception to delivery. There is no room for error when lives are on the line.  At Sure Solutions, we manage sourcing, logistics, warehouse and distribution of key PPE.

Details & Ordering

KSS Enterprises

KSS Enterprises is a premier distributor of janitorial supplies, packaging supplies, foodservice supplies, and cleaning equipment. For 75 years we have focused on helping Michigan businesses have safe and healthy facilities.

Now KSS offers surgical masks, KN95 masks, cloth masks, disposable masks, face shields, no-contact digital thermometers, non-surgical protective gowns, and hand sanitizer. In addition to the PPE items we offer, we have healthy hand hygiene programs and specialize in processes and products to help our customers properly clean and disinfect their facilities.

We are also offering a free seminar “Are You Prepared for a New Level of Clean in Your Facilities?” that goes through the important steps a business should be taking and answers questions about this new level of clean, and what it means for their staff and organization.

See the full list of KSS products here.

Details & Ordering


Michigrain Distillery

Michigrain Distillery has switched operations from spirits to hand sanitizer. They use WHO recipe, of 80% ethanol, glycerin, and hydrogen peroxide and are producing large volumes. Below is current pricing (this is subject to change based on availability of materials).

250 Gallon Tote, call for pricing
55 Gallon Drum $2585.00
5 Gallon Bucket $250.00
1 Gallon Bucket $55.00
2 oz bottles (limited supply) $4.00
8 oz “water” bottles $6.00

Shipping now available. All items are subject to tax unless tax exempt.

Details & Ordering

Savant Group

Instant Hand Sanitizer (Alcohol Antiseptic 80%) by Savant Group in Midland

Alcohol-ethanol content of 80% v/v, Non-sterile, Topical Solution. Can be used for hands and surfaces. Not causing skin irritation or allergies.

  • No inclusion of colorants, dyes or perfumes. Product offered is fragrance free.
  • This formula is a liquid – NOT a gel.
  • Available in (1) US Gallon (3.78L) content, plastic or equivalent, with sturdy screw cap.
  • Smaller quantities than (1) gallon containers are not currently available.
  • Label includes: Content, Active and Inactive ingredients, Directions for use, and Warnings. In English language.
  • Also sold in cases of 4 (1) gallon containers.

1 gallon: $40.00 each. | 1 case of 4 (1) gallon containers: $140.00


Details & Ordering

NuSystems LLC

Hand Sanitizer made in Bay City, Michigan

  • 70% Alcohol
  • 16oz. and 32oz. bottles with flip cap-for easy dispensing
  • Plant-based thickening agent provides a smooth, lotion like feel that glides onto hands
  • Loose lotion consistency
  • Moisturizing, doesn’t dry hands out
  • Original or Tropical Scent
  • FDA Registered

16 oz bottle $6.00
16 oz bottle per case $72.00
32 oz bottle $10.00
32 oz bottle per case $120.00

Call 1-800-722-2641 or 989-892-4552 with any questions.


Med-Supply in Troy, MI has the following sanitizer available.

$5.50 per 8oz bottle
70% Alcohol, Sulfate and Parabene free
Each bottle sold individually

Details & Ordering

Progress Chemical

Progress is making hand sanitizer according to the FDA guidelines. Liquid and GEL versions, 75% isopropyl, in 1 gal, 5 gal, and 55 gal sizes.

Liquid Pricing:
1 gal           $20
5 gal           $90
55 gal.        $17.00 per gal.

Gel Pricing:
1 gal           $25
5 gal           $150
55 gal.        $23.00 per gal.

We have plenty of stock and product can be delivered to your door!

Details & Ordering

RTD Manufacturing and Zep Cleaners

*4 (1) Gallon jugs, ready to use

Spirit 2 or DZ-7 Concentrated

**EPA grade** Disinfectant $41/CS**

Paper towel rolls also available.

Contact Alicia Ziegler by email or by phone at 517.435.9802 to place an order.

Valentine Detroit Distilling Company

Hand Sanitizer by Royal Clean

80% ethanol solution

CDC & WHO recommended formulation, liquid

See the RC product sheet for more details

Order below or via email at



Details & Ordering

Sanitizing Equipment

Hand Sanitizer Stands from Lorin Industries, Inc.

At Lorin, we know the challenge these days of trying to insure that you provide a safe and healthy environment for your employees and anyone else who enters your facility. As we looked to do the same for ourselves, we could not find floor and counter stands for hand sanitizer dispensers. So, we decided to make our own and liked them so much, we thought that others might like them as well. While we do not provide the dispensers, we want to make sure you are ready with the stands for when you purchase the dispensers on your own.

Lorin is a third generation, family-owned business based in West Michigan and we have been around for 77 years. We are proud to offer a currently difficult to find product to our fellow West Michiganders during these challenging times.

Check out our product flyer for pricing and models.

Visit our website!

Towl-Wet Sanitation Station from RTD Manufacturing in Jackson, MI

In light of this COVID-19 pandemic, our team has developed a disinfectant wipe dispenser that uses ordinary paper towels or industrial roll towels, and any off the shelf disinfectant you would like to use. Towl-Wet is a versatile disinfection station designed with the common workplace in mind. Our dispenser not only helps solve the supply problem of purchasing sanitized wipes but it also tremendously reduces the cost. Currently, when you purchase a tub of wipes they cost on average .11 cents per wipe, using our dispenser they are .01 cents per wipe. These wipes are soaking wet in the center and dry on the edges, no more dried out wipes! With an emphasis on cost-effectiveness, versatility, and increased productivity, the Towl-Wet sanitation station is designed for any common workplace or industrial setting.

The steel model is priced at $375 while the acrylic model is $300. Note that volume pricing is available upon request.

Details & Ordering

SolGuardian UV Light Sterilizer by Bluecolt CARES

Bluecolt CARES (Convenient And Reliable Equipment for Safety) was started in direct response to the global Covid-19 crisis of 2020.  We had over 15 years of expertise designing different types of lighting products and realized the importance of introducing an effective UV light sterilizer.  So our first product, the SolGuardian UV Light Sterilizer was conceived.

The SolGuardian’s UV-C light energy damages the genetic structure of microbes, including coronaviruses.

We also offer:
  • KN-95 masks (10 pack)
  • Touchless Sanitizer dispenser
  • Sanitizer gel
Details & Ordering

UVC Face Mask Decontamination Chamber from Orbitform Medical in Jackson, MI

The UVC Decontamination Chamber (UVC-DC) is a Portable On-Site Face Mask Decontamination Chamber for disposable face masks.  The decontamination method is eight (8) germicidal UV-C bulbs positioned in front of and behind the N95 face masks. 10 face masks can be decontaminated during each 10-minute cycle.

The UVC-DC can be used at hospitals, fire stations, police stations, nursing homes, etc., and can be located near the actual point of use.  One or more UVC-DCs can be located at each station, department, wing, hallway or emergency room, so there is no need to handle and decontaminate mass numbers of masks at a central or off-site location.  The UVC-DC is simple to operate, easy to roll around, and versatile enough to be transported in the back of a minivan or SUV.

Price: $5,625 plus shipping / handling (if necessary)

Place an order


Our ANEW FACILITY ARMOR program is powered by the BioProtectUs system. We use a CDC approved hospital grade disinfectant fogging application followed by an electrostatically charged antimicrobial technology that provides persistent and continuous protection. The BioProtectUs system has successfully killed microbes and pathogens on surfaces for over 30 years. It is water based, and EPA accepted for all areas of your facility including food service…”

Anew Facility Armor: A Complete Workplace Solution

Give employees, students, clients, family members and friends the peace of mind to come back to work and school with a higher degree of protection.

More information

Face Shields

Disposable Face Shields

MICHIGAN MADE by Akervall Technologies, Inc.

  • FREE SHIPPING in the continental US.
  • 13” elastic headband. One size fits all (polyester elastic band).
  • Reduce the risk of exposure.
  • 1” forehead standoff (polyurethane foam).
  • 13” x 9” area of coverage.
  • 9-inch length provides full-coverage of the face and eyes.
  • .081” thick Prime APET.
  • Secure fit. Stays in place while moving.
  • These masks are intended for single-use.

10-49: $5.00 each | 50-99: $4.50 each | 100: $4.00 each

Details & Ordering

Machine Star Medical Prodcuts

Full face shields that provide protection from splash and splatter.

  • 1″ foam headband holds the lightweight shield away from face
  • Elastic band for secure, comfortable fit, one size fits most
  • No ear contact
  • Works with glasses
  • Optically clear, distortion-free film for maximum visibility
  • Affordable solution to support your employees’ PPE

Pricing (50 piece minimum order)
Qty: 50-999 $4.50 ea.
Qty: 1000+ $4.25 ea.

Details & Ordering

Brower Solutions Group

Full length disposable face shields

  • 10” Length x 9- 3/4” Wide Lens
  • One Size Fits Most
  • Clear Lens (Clear)
  • Polypropylene Headband
  • Adjustable 1’ Elastic Strap
  • Latex Free
  • Non-Sterile
  • Splash Protection Eye Wear/Splash Guard Only Safety Shields
Details & Ordering

Barber Packaging Company Protective Products Division

Barber Packaging Company Protective Products Division in Bangor, MI is proud to present the PS 3:3 Protective Face Shield.

This single use shield is designed to equip healthcare, first responder, at home health care and other essential workers with a durable shield to aid in prevention of splash, splatter and dust contaminant. Constructed from food grade PET with a polyurethane brow pad and Velcro band the PS 3:3 offers comfort, durability, and protection to those working the front lines.

$3.45/ea packed 50 per box

Details & Ordering

Erie Custom Signs

Face Shields by Erie Custom Signs in Saginaw, MI

With the need for protection, many facilities are struggling to be able to provide their workers with the appropriate PPE. This is where Erie Custom Signs comes into play. We are using our resources at hand to produce protective medical face shields. These are hospital grade forming around the face once secured.

Details & Ordering

Eckhart Face Shield

  1. Full Face Protection
  2. Medical Grade Construction
  3. Full Day Comfort
  4. Branded

Minimum order quantity: 25 per box @ $14 per shield

Significant discounts available

Details & Ordering

MIfaceshields from Farmington Hills, MI

Each face shield has an ergonomic design that provides full face coverage while retaining full range of motion. It also features ear savers that serve as additional mounting point above the ear for surgical mask loops. Care went in to designing a reusable and easy to clean shield free of foam that could harbor pathogens even after rigorous cleaning. Designers understood the need for an elastic free design that reduces head pressure and stays in place during extended use. The shield is adjustable from 19 ¼ to 26 ¾ covering all adult head sizes.

Use MEMBERSSAVE20 at checkout.
Orders under 1,000 are shipped within 24 hours.

Details & Ordering

HSC Enterprises Inc.

HSC Enterprises Inc., d/b/a Hi-Tech Specialty Converting Inc. in Columbus, Michigan currently has fully assembled shields in stock and raw materials in house to make 30,000 face shields.

Contact Chris O’Neil by email or by phone at 586.924.9737 to place an order.


Details & Ordering

Cloth Face Coverings and Face Masks

Washable, reusable face masks

Made by Jacquart Fabric Products, home of Stormy Kromer in Ironwood, Michigan.

  • Double layer of polycotton twill treated with Stain Armor, allowing breathability and protection
  • Also available in single layer for workers in warmer environments
  • Available with polycotton ties OR elastic
  • Flexible metal strip at top of mask for form fitting around nose
  • Assorted colors
  • One size fits all (adults)
  • Wash warm, dry low
  • Minimum order 25 | $5.60 each
  • All sales final; no returns/exchanges

Email Bob Jacquart at to order.

Custom Washable Face Coverings

Alfie in Travere City, MI. Design includes multi-color custom design at the center of the mask.

  • FREE SHIPPING in the continental US.
  • 100% poly
  • 3 fabric layers
  • 13” x 4.6” mask can stretch up to 15.5″ wide.
  • 100% washable
  • Masks withstand up to 52 domestic washing machine cycles.
  • Not recommended for industrial Laundry.

Pricing: 25-59: $4.95 each | 60-143: $4.04 each | 144-287: $3.65 each | 288: $3.46 each

Details & Ordering

3-Ply Disposable Masks

  • Disposable 3-ply filtering woven cotton
  • Odorless
  • Soft Ear-Loop
  • Small quantities (25) available for small business

Email Karen at to learn more.

Details & Ordering

Unisex Jersey Face Mask offered through Alfie Logo Gear in Traverse City. 

Alfie Logo Gear in Traverse City

  • FREE SHIPPING in the continental US.
  • Breathable fabric
  • Washable and reusable
  • One size fits most adults
  • Soft against the skin
  • Raw edges
  • Can adjust for 2 size
  • Single layer
  • No label

SOLD IN PACKS OF 48 for $99

Details & Ordering

Brower Solutions Group

Offering a variety of options, including N95/KN95 Face Masks and Surgical Grade Masks

  • N95 Face Masks (NIOSH APPROVED)
  • 3M N95 Face Masks
  • KN95 Face Masks (4-Ply)
  • KN95 Face Masks (5-Ply)
  • Medical Grade Surgical Mask

Call (586) 864-8358 or place an order via the link below. View this pdf for more details.

Details & Ordering

Detroit Sewn Face Masks

Washable, reusable, fabric mask available in four styles This mask is NOT a substitute for an N95 or surgical mask. This mask is a fabric alternative to certain types of disposable paper masks. It meets the criteria established by the CDC for fabric mask construction.

  • Finished size of mask: 7”x3.5”
  • Mask fabric: 100% cotton tightly woven weave
  • Available attachment materials:
  • 100% cotton twill ties or latex-free elastic
  • Pleating incorporated to fit different-sized faces
  • Plastic-coated wire allows the mask to form along the bridge of the nose
  • No gaps between mask and face ·
  • Machine wash in hot water, can be bleached & dried
  • Expected number of washes: 25-50

More details. Contact Marcy to place your order at 586-850-1240 or

Details & Ordering

Face Masks

Offered through Med-Supply in Troy, MI.

3-ply Surgical Mask – ($.99 cents per mask) – Disposable Breathable Face Masks for Hygienic 3-layer filtration Fluid-resistant, Pleated, 100% Latex Free and Pliable nose piece for proper fit across nose & cheekbones. Sold in packs of 50.

KN95 Mask – ($2.35 per mask) – High-filtration efficiency with 3 layers easy to breathe through. Blocks at least 95 percent (0.3 microns) of test particles. Hidden nose clip is provided with no metal exposure. Sold in packs of 10.

All items can be ordered by emailing or through the website link below.

Details & Ordering

Mask Buddy, reusable plastic mask straps from Castino Corp. in Romulus, MI.

This is a re-usable plastic strap that eliminates the discomfort of wearing the required masks.  For those that wear glasses, or hearing aids, that may not be able to use the elastic bands, this is also a must.

5,000 or less: $.40 each

5,001 – 9,999:  $.30 each

10,000 and over: $.28 each

Visit the link below or contact Carrie Castino, Program Management, at 734-941-7200 or by cell at 734-658-7288.

Details & Ordering

Reusable Face Masks

Available through Tyndell Photographic and Made in Michigan

Minimum order is 10 masks

0-250 is $4.95/mask
250+ is $4.75/mask

More information.
To order, contact Shellie Brewart by phone 734-812-0241 or email

Details & Ordering

Reusable cloth face masks

Made locally by Canvas King in Spring Lake

  • 10% discount for all SBAM members. Use the code “customer” when placing your order.
  • No minimum order.
  • Proudly made in the great state of Michigan.
  • Our masks are made with advanced hydrophobic fabric that is water-repellent, lightweight, and breathable.
  • A comfortable option to cover your nose and mouth.
  • Machine washable.
  • Available in one size.
  • Single color masks with and without filters
  • Pattern masks with and without filters
  • Our filters are breathable, antimicrobial, and moisture repelling with the filter made of a nonwoven material.
Details & Ordering

Stitchtime International LLC

Re-usable/washable Face Masks with optional business logo printed on front.

We sell in any quantities.  No minimums but would like more than 5 pieces.  We have capabilities to produce over 100 per day.  Purchased by PO, email, online store or phone in orders. We have a good supply of materials and are only a 1 day ship for most. We make the masks in house so do not have to rely on others to be able to fulfill orders.

Stitchtime was founded in 1993 from humble beginnings, working in the back corner of a garage in Michigan. Through the years we have been blessed to grow from one computer in a garage to multiple embroidery machines, sublimation, Direct-to-Garment, heat press, applique, screen printing,  and promotional items.

Details & Ordering

DittoForm Michigan LLC

  • Pleated style – One size
  • Solids, florals and patterns
  • Soft comfortable stretchy jersey straps, adjustable for ears and/or around head
  • Wire adjustable support at nose
  • White soft cotton or cotton/poly blend on face side with pocket
  • Can be machine washed/dried
  • No claims on N-rating. NOT N-95


SBAM member pricing: $8 each, no minimum order

*Mention SBAM in order notes.

Shipping:  1 – free, 2-3 $7.75, 4-8 $8.30, 9-40 $15.05

*Sales tax will be added for residents/businesses in Michigan, Ohio and Texas

All sales final, no returns/exchanges

Details & Ordering

PPE Masks by StarSafe

STARSAFE can offer FDA approved N-95 and 3 Ply Masks in high volumes.

  • Manufacturing done on fully Automatic Machines following highest level of safety protocols
  • Packaging Customizations available at extra cost!
  • Customized Barcoding possible to integrate with client ERP/ POS.
  • All test reports and FDA certificate can be provided on request. Samples available for evaluation.
  • Price reflects 5% discount for SBAM members !
  • Prices quoted is Ex-Works the factory in Bangalore, India
  • Customized Logo Printing possible on N95 mask @ $0.03 per piece

Contact Kumar

In Mask Microphone


Communication is the key to running an effective business. ISP Technologies has developed a patent pending Mic in Mask voice amplification system to handle the new normal. Whether it’s conducting meetings, working in a restaurant, a store or teaching classes in school or studios, running seminars, or speaking to any group or person where clarity is vital. New technologies and pivoting styles have become necessary during the COVID-19 Pandemic in light of these unprecedented times.

Unlike other systems, Mic in Mask does not amplify an already muffled-through-mask voice, but instead provides clear sound with its state-of-the-art microphone assembly secured in a built-in sleeve. The microphone assembly is completely removable, allowing for mask washing. The infrared wireless system allows multiple Mic in Masks to be in use at once, completely feedback free, giving multiple people the freedom to communicate effectively in the same room.

ISP also has a personal amplification system option, which can easily be set on a surface or worn.  The personal system can link to Bluetooth devices and can be used  anywhere a mask must be worn and vocal clarity without strain is wanted.  Masks are made in an FDA approved facility in Michigan and can be washed numerous times.

Get in touch

Barriers & Copper Coverings

Countertop Barriers

Offered through the Foresight Group in Lansing

  • Made with high-quality, 1/4″ acrylic — many competitors only use 1/8″!
  • Sturdy base design prevents tipping
  • Transaction opening is 3″ x 12″ and the feet are 10″ high and 10″ deep

STANDARD WIDE: 36″ wide by 30″ tall – $157

STANDARD TALL: 23″ wide by 30″ tall – $98

Custom sizes also available. More information and to order.

VirusGuard™ Barriers

By Total Security Solutions in Fowlerville, MI
Our VirusGuard™ Barriers are designed to block the spray of bodily fluids such as human sneezes and coughs.
VirusGuard – FIXED Barrier System
  • Custom-designed to your facility’s needs
  • Durable 1/2″ thick Acrylic
  • Upgradeable to bulletproof
  • Learn more: VirusGuard Fixed Barriers
VirusGuard – MOBILE Barriers

Contact Gregg Knappe at (866) 574-5305 for more information.

Details & Ordering

Counter and Partition Safety Shields

By Star Safety Shield in Ludington, MI

“Poly Carbonate Plexiglass” Communication Portal N95

The Countertop/Partition Safety Shield is designed to serve as a

  • Mitigation shield, providing a barrier for germs and virus transmission.
  • Be utilized in numerous applications, from retail inter-action to manufacturing stations to public interfacing.

The filtered communication portal provides ease for individuals to communicate in close proximity without the concern of germ/virus transmission.

For more details please click here: STARSafetyShield_SellSheet_042920

Details & Ordering

Safety Barriers

The Safety Barrier by Erie Custom Signs in Saginaw, MI is designed to provide improved protection for interactions between employees and customers. Made with acrylic material, the Safety Barrier protects while maintaining a low level of visibility and an aesthetics quality that won’t intrude on your businesses atmosphere.

Click here for product specifications.

Details & Ordering

Copper Coverings

Copper coverings from, a division of Great Lakes Stainless, Inc. provides a permanent anti-microbial solution to the highest touch points in your business. 

EPA registered as anti-microbial, copper has been shown to kill coronaviruses in as little as 3-5 minutes.  Currently offering covers for your existing door hardware, accessible door buttons, and will have transaction top covers soon.  Prices start as low as $24.99 and vary depending on the fixture received the protection.  Order below and use the coupon code SBAMPPE for 10% off your order.  Contact us if you’d like copper for an application you don’t see on the website, we’ll design it to meet your requirements.

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Metal Detector Thermal Gate

MedSupply now stocks Thermal Gate systems which can assist in providing larger companies with a safe and efficient way to manage traffic flow at a very affordable rate. Please check out our website for more information, or the flyer below.

Metal Detector Thermal Gate Catalog – Imperial

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TM Shea Gondola Displays

When you are looking for ways to implement a robust impulse and/or cross-merchandising campaign or looking for innovative ways to add new products between plan-o-gram resets, we are the team to call for new solutions.

With over 100 display designs for your gondolas, we have perfect solutions for every area of your sales floor in virtually every format/store design. Capitalize on your unused “white space” in center store, perimeter and front-end with our impulse and cross-merchandising display systems.

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Medical Infrastructure Thermometer

Highly sensitive infrared probe, non contact measurement, 1 second temperature measurement

Sold Individually

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STEWART Industries

STEWART Industries, a minority-owned manufacturer in Battle Creek, has no-touch thermometers in stock and available for purchase.

Cost per unit is $80 for SBAM members. Accept cash, check or charge card (with an additional fee to cover the credit card processing fee).

For more details or to place an order, please contact STEWART’s HR Manager Tiffany Daniels by phone at 269-660-9290 x100 or by email using the link below.

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Workplace Posters & Signage

Workplace Safety Posters

Promote employee and visitor safety with these COVID-19 workplace safety posters 

Posters offer a variety of messages designed to reinforce safety, personal and facility hygiene, and social distancing.  Available in 8.5″x11″, 11″x 17″ and 13″x19″.

All posters ship next business day.

If you would like to customize any of these posters, or print posters that you have created, please contact

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Premade and Custom Signage

Office Express in Troy offers engraved plastic signs and vinyl floor decals communicate safety, social distancing, and encourage healthy action. Don’t see a message that meets your needs? Contact our print department to design your own signs, posters, banners, decals, and more!

You can place an order via the link below or contact our print department for custom signage at

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TM Shea Products

CoronaCare Signage Brochure

Outdoor Assurance Signage

  • Close to the front door
  • By the parking lot entrances
  • Shopping mall entrance
  • Street or street corner

Social Distancing Floor/Door/Wall Stickers

PlexiPrints Floor Barrier/Room Dividers and 4-way table dividers coming soon!


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Touchless Entry Screening Kiosk

Criterion Automation, a trusted West Michigan manufacturer with more than 30 years’ experience, has developed a fast, effective, safe Touchless Entry Screening Kiosk.

Complete All Covid-19 Entry Screening Requirements in Under 10 Seconds

Now, you can capture all required information in a secure MIOSHA compliant database.

  • Answers to Covid-19 questionnaire
  • Temperature
  • Employee User ID
  • Screening date and time

Customizable Reports Can Be Saved and Accessed

  • Meet All MIOSHA Requirements for Covid-19 Screening
  • Collect data automatically
  • Store data locally or on your network
  • Customize reports, including by shift or daily

Touchless Entry Screening Kiosks can be up and working in your facility in less than 14 days

Starting at $ 3,950.  Contact Criterion for information on additional options

Order today!

Gowns & Shoe Coverings

Level 1 Isolation Gowns from Detroit Sewn

Washable, reusable, Level 1 isolation gowns available in one style and two fabrics. This gown meets the criteria established by the CDC for fabric gown construction, and conforms to Level 1 of AAMI PB70.

  • One size: gown length: 47”, underarm width: 30”, shoulder + sleeve length: 31”
  • Fabric options: 100% polyester or 65% polyester/ 35% cotton blend. Both materials are water resistant.
  • Serged seams
  • 100% cotton overlapping twill ties
  • Latex-free elastic cuffs
  • Expected number of washes: minimum of 25 without reapplying fluid-resistant finish

Click here for gown spec sheet and more details. Contact Marcy to place your order at 586-850-1240 or

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Isolation Gowns, Shoe Covers and Boot Covers

Disposable Isolation Gowns – ($5.50 per gown) Meets AAMI 3 Liquid Barrier StandardWrap-around for complete body coverage, Fluid resistance barrier protection to prevent fluid contamination, Comfortable, Soft & Breathable Fabric. Sold in packs of 10.

Shoe Covers ($.38 cents per cover) – Shoe covers are made from breathable, fluid-repellent material. Snug Fit to Protect Shoes with Easy Slip on application. Sold in packs of 100.

Boot Covers ($.32 cents per cover) – Higher guard Boot covers are made from a fluid repellent material. Elastic ankle provides a snug fit to protect the lower leg and entire shoe. Sold in packs of 200.

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Disinfecting your Workplace

Midwest Enviro Solutions

Due to overwhelming attention on how infectious diseases can spread and impact our daily lives, health and livelihood, there is an outcry to implement improved precautions to better protect our communities.

At Midwest Enviro Solutions, we not only have the means to help protect the health and the community, but we feel a strong responsibility to. We go above and beyond those means to ensure each and every environment takes the necessary precautions to properly protect their employees and the public. We sanitize work spaces with EPA approved, WHO and CDC recommended products to treat COVID-19. Using these products, we have developed a Community Wellness Initiative.

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